The health benefits of cannabis are becoming more widely known, and with its recent legalization in several U.S. states, more people are jumping on the weed train to reap its benefits. Gone are the days of sneaking weed into your brownies. It can now be found in coffee… and even female suppositories.

So what’s the latest cannabis trend? Giving it to your sick pup!

There are several companies that are now marketing dog treats containing cannabidiol, or CBD, to treat pain and many illnesses in canines, including hip dysplasia, cancer, and epilepsy. Treatibles, owned and founded by Julianna Carella, is one such company.

The company’s website explains that Treatibles are “super food wellness treats infused with a proprietary blend of CBD and other non psychoactive cannabinoids, derived from hemp grown for medicinal purposes.” Carella’s goal for the company is to help strengthen and support animals and provide them with preventative care and restoration when they are sick or in pain.

Don’t worry, your dog won’t get high from one of these special treats. But the snack will help to ease pain and anxiety that your furry friend might be struggling with. Treatibles are marketed as canine treats, but the company has emphasized that they are “safe for any animal with an endocannabinoid system — which is all animals except for insects.” So if your home is pup free, but you’re the proud parent of a cat or a rabbit, there’s no need to feel left out!

Watch the video below for more info:

h/t: the open mind
Featured Image: Treatibles