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Mother Decides To Deliver Baby With No Brain For THIS Amazing Reason!

Oklahoma mother Keri Young was devastated upon hearing the news: her unborn baby has anencephaly—a terrible birth defect in which the fetus has no brain. In a moment of travesty, sometimes despair is our immediate response. But for Keri, her immediate response to doctors was, “If I carry her full term, can we donate her […]


4 Reasons Why You Should Drink Holy Basil Tea!

Holy basil isn’t the sweet basil you taste in marinara sauce or the herb you might use to flavor your homemade soup. Holy basil, also known as tulsi, is native to Southeast Asia. It has a long history in Indian medicine as a treatment for many health conditions, from eye diseases to ringworm. It’s considered […]


Baby Wont Stop Crying, Then Mother Finds THIS Around Her Toe!

Being a new mom can be exciting, overwhelming and a little bit scary. Seeing your newborn smile makes all of the sleepless nights worth it. But hearing them cry can send a wave of panic through your body, especially when you’ve tried everything you can think of to calm them down and it’s not working. […]


This Is Why You Should Throw Away Your Teflon Pans!

Nothing is worse than food encrusted on cookware and the ensuing time suck to soak, scrub, repeat. Except one thing – Your cookware poisoning you and your family. The culprit? The chemicals in Teflon and other non-stick products known as per- and polyfluorinated substances, or just simply PFAS. A slew of attempted cover-ups by industry […]


If You See Someone With A Semicolon Tattoo, This Is What It Means!

If you’ve seen people or pictures of people with semicolon tattoos, you probably have wondered what the tattoos mean. Typically inornate and small in size, the semicolon tattoo might seem relatively unremarkable, but they’re cropping up everywhere, and they contain a tremendous significance. While it may appear to be a flair for punctuation, what the […]


12 Foods That Fight Lupus & Relieve Pain

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body. In people suffering from lupus, something is wrong with the immune system. It is unable to tell the difference between foreign invaders and the body’s healthy tissues. The immune system creates auto-antibodies that end up causing inflammation and pain. People who […]


4 Toxic Reasons Why You Should Avoid Commercial Bath Bombs

If you like to relax in a nice, warm bath at night, you may have taken part in the latest trend: bath bombs. Fun and colorful bath bombs create a fizzy, sweet-smelling rainbow in your tub. They take your bath to a whole new level. Many bath bombs are marketed as stress-relievers. Some even contain […]


Study Shows Shocking Effect Airport Body Scanners Have On Your DNA

If you’ve ever traveled by plane, you know the airport security process. Your ID, tickets and bags are thoroughly checked. And so are you. We’ve been told that airport security devices are completely safe. But it turns out that might not be true. A recent study found that airport body scanners could be seriously damaging our […]

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