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HORRIFIC: Nurses Laugh Out Loud As 89-Year-Old Military Veteran Dies At Nursing Home

It’s one of the worst nightmares that can ever come true: the people tasked with caring for your elderly parents end up abusing and neglecting them—to the point of death. Sickening new footage has surfaced of nursing home workers at the Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center doubled over laughing as an 89-year-old World War 2 […]


10 Things That Happen When An Empath Loves A Narcissist

These 10 things happen when a narcissist ends up in a relationship with an empath… An empath, or empathetic person, can often be drawn into a relationship with a narcissist. Empaths have a strong desire to take care of people and that care is often taken advantage of especially by people like narcissists who need […]


Science Reveals What Your Profile Picture Says About Your Personality!

Science suggests that your selfie might tell you a lot more about yourself than you initially realized… Your selfie or profile picture on social media can say a lot about your personality. The profile picture or the selfie that you choose to share reveals what you want people to see which can reveal a lot […]


The Animal You See First Reveals Your Dominant Personality

The first animal you recognize in this picture will tell you everything you need to know about your dominant personality… There are nine different animals in this picture. However, the first animal you notice is the one we want to pay attention to today. The animal you see first determines your dominant personality and it […]


Hollywood’s Sexualization of 13-Year-Old Stranger Things Actress Leaves Many Disturbed

In recent weeks, Hollywood has been exposed for its taste in….stranger things, among which include sexual harassment, abuses of power, and—yes—pedophilia. Which is why it’s no surprise that today we’re talking about the industry’s  glamorization and sexualization of a 13-year-old girl. “Television Has Never Been Hotter” reads a portion of the title that precedes a list of the […]


10 Inner Thoughts Of A Narcissist You Should Know

There are ten thoughts every narcissist has at some point or another and they’re a great way to find out whether you or a friend are a narcissist. These ten crucial thoughts narcissists have can consume their thoughts at some times. A narcissist is practically in love with themselves and these thoughts reinforce the belief […]


Is Your Halloween Candy Laced With Drugs? This Is Why You Might Want To Think Again.

Ever since I was a kid, I remember hearing horror stories in the weeks leading up to Halloween—but not about demons and goblins and ghouls, these were stories about the dangers of trick-or-treating. “Be careful with the candy your children get on Halloween night,” warned the local news reports, “strangers may be poisoning their treats […]


The Power of Synchronicity Series- Part 4: How Synchronicity Breaks Science & Materialism

In The Power of Synchronicity Series- Part 3: The Role of The Collective Unconscious & Archetypes, we unpacked Jung’s “collective unconscious” concept. It can be boiled down to a field of psychic energy shared by us all, that is made up of non-material data called archetypes (universal symbols, beliefs and patterns). Because they drive our individual […]

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