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Baby Left In Car With Note Sparks Outrage

A New Zealand mother has attracted worldwide rage after a photo surfaced showing her newborn baby sitting unattended inside her car—but there’s one more important detail. She left a note on top of the baby that read: “My mum in doing the shopping, call her if I need anything.” The mother’s cell phone number was […]


Parents Shocked After Teacher Gives Student Inappropriate Award

Parents—and the internet, for that matter—are shocked and furious after a 7th grade teacher handed out mock certificates.¬†(scroll down for video) “Most likely to become a terrorist,” reads one award created by the unidentified teacher from¬†Lance Cpl. Anthony Aguirre Junior High School in Houston, Texas. “MOST LIKELY TO BLEND IN WITH WHITE PEOPLE,” reads another […]


4 Simple Foot Exercises That STOP Knee, Hip & Lower Back Pain Fast!

If you suffer from lower back pain, knee and hip pain, it might be related to something you’d probably never think of – weak muscles in your feet. Our toes, heels and feet are put under a lot of pressure each day. They’re responsible for getting us around, holding us up and carrying our body […]


17 Common Preservatives Linked To Colitis & Obesity

If your diet consists of processed foods, there’s a good chance you’re filling your body with artificial preservatives. These substances have been shown to wreak havoc on our bodies. According to research published in Nature, artificial preservatives used in processed foods may increase your risk of inflammatory bowel diseases and metabolic disorders. In the study, […]


9 Reasons You Should Stop Taking Birth Control Pills, According To Gynecologists

If you’re a woman, there’s a good chance you’ve been prescribed birth control pills at some point on your life, or you’ve at least been approached about the subject by your gynecologist. Whether the goal is to prevent pregnancy or control a hormonal imbalance, millions of women are prescribed birth control pills every day. The […]


The Way You Hold Hands Reveals THIS About Your Relationship!

Body language can convey a lot about you, as well as the person that you’re interacting with. If you’re in a relationship, are you a hand-holder? Some people are, others aren’t. The way you grab your partner’s hand may have a hidden meaning behind it. If you prefer not to hold hands with your partner, […]


Watch: Couple Records Sneaky Creature Stealing Eggs From Basket

A hungry snake discovered a tasty treat when he slithered down from a couple’s spice cupboard. Once out of the cupboard, the snake helped himself to their fresh farm eggs. Laura Neff and her partner Richard filmed the non-venomous rat snake as he stole a snack from their basket of eggs. The couple lives on […]


6 Dangerous Sunscreen Ingredients You Need To Watch Out For!

The summer months are right around the corner. Protecting yourself and your family members from sunburn and UV rays is one of the most important things you can do for your skin. Unfortunately, many sunscreens contain toxic ingredients that can have dangerous effects on your skin and body. Knowing what to look for can help […]


The Way You Hold A Steering Wheel Reveals THIS About Your Personality!

If I asked you how you hold the steering wheel when you drive, would you be able to tell me? Once you’ve been driving for a while, it becomes a little routine. You get into your car, settle into your seat, adjust your mirrors and take off. You probably don’t pay too much attention to […]

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