Sooo… you’re on your first date, and you’re racking your brain for how best to impress your lucky lady. What could possibly tantalize her taste buds and still be healthy for her? Allow me to introduce you to your new favorite Date Night Dessert!

Benefits of Your Date Night Dessert

Carob: A Chocolate Wannabe

It’s a known fact that women and chocolate go hand-in-hand — like peas in a pod. However, with the chocolate can come some complications due to its stimulating properties. But speaking of pods, there is a food that poses as a chocolate imitator that can do just the trick you need. It’s called the Carob Bean.

Scientifically, Ceratonia siliqua, carob is native to the Middle East where it’s harvested for its seed pods. Have you heard of the “locust bean” or “St. John’s bread”? If so, then you’ve heard the references to carob’s historical connection to the Biblical character John the Baptist. (1)

While it belongs to the pea family, carob actually does a decent job at mimicking the taste and texture of chocolate! The bean is approximately 50% sugar, 5% protein, and low in fat (1%). It’s also an excellent source of nutrients, exceeding cacao in calcium by 10x and potassium and folate by 2x. In addition, its fiber (9x more) allows it to be a lower glycemic sweetener, coming in at 40 on the glycemic index. (2)

What doesn’t it have? Oxalic acid! Oxalic acid is implicated in kidney stones, and cacao naturally contains high amounts. Carob, on the other hand, has none. #Winning! Furthermore, its tannin content has even shown promise in research to help address diarrhea. (You don’t want that on date night!) (3)

If you’re looking to cut the calories and curb your snacking frequency, then chocolate may not be the best route to take. In fact, two clinical trials indicated that carob provides better blood sugar control than cacao. It also offers longer meal satiety, as study participants ate less at the following meal. (4)

Once you try this sweet date-night delight, you’ll be sure to fall in love. But no guarantees!

Recipe: Date Night Dessert

Ingredientsdate night dessert recipe carob
  • Pitted Medjool Dates
  • Raw Organic Almond Butter
  • Raw Coconut Cream
  • Carob Chips (avoid hydrogenated oils)
  • Whole Raw Organic Walnuts
  • Raw Honey
  1. Place pitted dates in a circle upon a plate.
  2. Place a dollop of almond butter inside each date.
  3. Next, put 1-2 whole walnuts in each date, pushing them into the almond butter.
  4. Drizzle some coconut cream in a zig zag formation on each date.
  5. Follow that with several drops of raw honey in each date.
  6. Sprinkle carob chips freely over the circle of dates.
  7. Keep refrigerated until 1 hour prior to serving.
Be sure to add some tender loving care!Yafet Tegene banner