Open your heart and activate super immunity with this hot cacao-and-mushroom-based elixir infused with love, healing herbs, and superfoods to activate beauty and wisdom within!

Packed full of minerals, vitamins, and adaptogens, this hot chocolate / cacao elixir is a natural way to energize the body and activate immunity at the start of the day. Or enjoy as an afternoon energy boost!

What’s even more amazing, this elixir incorporates¬†compounds to neutralize free radicals, compounds to help reduce the viral load in the body, enhance cognition, cleanse the pineal gland, balance hormones, and more.

Note:  The high-vibe, nutrient-dense nature of this elixir may disrupt sleep if consumed late in the day or in the evening.

SuperImmunity Cacao Elixir Ingredients:

superimmunity cacao elixir Cassie Rhea

**Organic and Wildcrafted Ingredients recommended. Make with lots of LOVE and have the BEST TIME EVER creating your elixir! This recipe is a guideline. Have fun and play around with the ingredients to create a hot chocolate that YOU love!

‚óŹ 2 cups hot Chaga/Reishi mushroom tea OR Spring Dragon Longevity Tea
‚óŹ 1-2 TBSP raw cacao powder OR 1-2 chunks of cacao paste
‚óŹ 1-2 tsp Organic Mushroom Blend (or your favorite mushroom powder blend)
‚óŹ 1 TBSP tocotrienols
‚óŹ ¬Ĺ tsp maca powder
‚óŹ ¬Ĺ tsp lucuma powder
‚óŹ ¬ľ tsp mangosteen powder
‚óŹ 1 squirt of Tulsi Tincture (I love Global Healing‚Äôs Tulsi)
‚óŹ ‚Öõ tsp raw vanilla powder
‚óŹ local raw honey or stevia to taste — try David Wolfe’s NoniLand Honey for this!! Best Ever!
‚óŹ 1 TBSP coconut oil OR 1/4-1/2 cup of your favorite nut mylk
‚óŹ Pinch of Mineral Sea Salt
‚óŹ Spices to taste: cinnamon,¬†garam masala, turmeric, cayenne pepper
‚óŹ 1¬†packet¬†Cymbiotika Longevity Mushhrooms to drizzle on top

Coffee Option:

‚óŹ add in a single/light shot of espresso or 3-4 oz of organic coffee (be sure to lessen the amount of tea base by the same amount).

Optional Superhero Upgrades:

superimmunity elixir Cassie Rhea‚óŹ mix in a small dose of P√ľrblack Shilajit
‚óŹ add in a squirt of your favorite mushroom tinctures
‚óŹ add in a little of your favorite Andreas Seed Oil
‚óŹ add in small amounts of any of your favorite superfoods/superherbs ‚Äď just be mindful of the¬†amount of powder going into the blend
‚󏬆stir¬†in a dropperful of Global Healing‚Äôs Turmeric (not recommended to blend in blender as it may cause staining)

Elixir Creation:

WARNING:  Do not blend this in a small blender or small NutriBullet container, as it will explode because of the heat! I typically cover the blender with a towel just in case!! Blend in something like a NutriBullet Rx.

Put all ingredients except the Cymbiotika Longevity Mushrooms into a large blender like the NutriBullet Rx, send more love, and blend for 33 seconds, or until smooth and frothy.

Happily pour into your favorite mug. Drizzle Cymbiotika’s Longevity Shrooms on top.

Top with sprinkle of cinnamon and/or nutmeg.

Imbibe and inJOY!!

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This delicious recipe is brought to you by Cassie Rhea!