New from Pürblack, a shilajit not just for your morning brew, but as your morning brew. It’s Déjà Brew, and it’s one of several new offerings from Pürblack.

First, What Exactly Is Shilajit?

We’re glad you asked!

Shilajit is a gooey substance that seeps from the crevices of high mountain rocks. That sticky goo, also called mineral pitch or rock resin, has several different names from mountainous regions around the world.

Yet no matter where you look, the message is the same: this stuff works wonders.

To take a deeper dive into the benefits of shilajit, read this post: What Is Shilajit?

Sound too good to be true? Well, researchers even noted that, “in essence, this is a nutraceutical product of demonstrated benefits for human health.” With a high concentration of fulvic acid, this resin also has an ORAC value higher than noni and blueberries. (1)

Nice, right? So now that we know mineral pitch offers many health benefits, we need to know this: is all shilajit created equal?

Why Pürblack?

You may wonder if there are other brands of shilajit on the market. Unfortunately, yes. We say that because a large majority of those products may be, well, toxic.

As the Health Ranger asks, how can you detox with a product that contains high levels of lead, aluminum, and arsenic? (2)

You can’t. (That’s what activated charcoal is for!)

The Health Ranger goes on to list 8 popular shilajit brands on the market that contain high levels of heavy metals. (3)

That was in 2016.

With the explosion of interest in this amazing supplement, it isn’t hard to imagine that standards have gone down, not up, as more companies have jumped on the shilajit bandwagon.

Déjà Brew Purblack shilajitPürblack, on the other hand, sold their first jar of resin in 2012. It wasn’t enough, though, to gather and distribute raw shilajit from the Himalayas. As the company’s founder noted, no traditional culture used the resin in its raw state. So he secured four patents on the collection, processing, and dosing of this important healing substance, which combines the best mineral pitch from different sources. (4)

Consistent quality testing ensures low toxicity with high potency. In fact, some kind of processing to eliminate toxins existed in all cultures that used mineral pitch. (5)

As a result, Pürblack offers the highest quality mineral pitch on the market. David Wolfe uses only this brand.

Can it get any better?

Introducing Déjà Brew – Your New Morning Joe!

So what exactly does this stuff taste like? Well, let’s just say it used to be an acquired taste. (6)

Not any more!

Déjà BrewPürblack has engineered their jar of resin to evolve your shilajit experience.

They use a new method of extraction to draw out the flavor essence of coffee, and then they coat small resin particles with the coffee essential oils. This lets coffee lovers enjoy a familiar taste without caffeine and with the health benefits of quality mineral pitch. (7)

Pürblack starts with the finest grade coffee (no need to worry about moldy coffee beans!). Through CO2 extraction, they lift the essential oils. This process protects the delicate essential oils and maintains the coffee flavor so many people love. (8)

Et voilà!

Déjà Brew is born. Whether you’re a coffee drinker or love the health benefits packed into that tiny scoop of goo, you’ll see that both of them just evolved into your new favorite brew.

And that is exactly what the new line of Pürblack products does. They make shilajit not only healthy, not only potent, but also tasty.

This technique of flavoring shilajit opens the door to new possibilities. And the new White Rabbit line explores them. You should, too!