You already know some of the wonders of shilajit. It supports your immune system, increases stamina, and improves mental health. Did you also know that Pürblack Shilajit now comes in flavors? Introducing the White Rabbit line from Pürblack.

Yes! The White Rabbit line of shilajit from Pürblack targets several different needs of the average and not-so-average person in today’s society. And they have done the research and development to bring to you three flavors, which support specific health goals.

If you’re just coming into the wonders of shilajit, check out this post first!

What’s Behind White Rabbit?

Pürblack put their high quality standards to the task of enhancing the shilajit experience with flavors and improved health benefits. The result? Slim, Vive, and Serene. You can guess what these do, but let’s explore how.

White Rabbit Slim

white rabbit shilajit slim

Whether it’s beach weather or sweater season, we all want to be at our best healthy weight. Right? Yet that gets hard to do these days with the toxins and pollutants in our environment and a food supply that’s lacking in essential nutrients. (1, 2)

So what can you do?

First, remember: there is no magic pill. Not red or blue or any color that you can swallow to make your weight woes go away.

But there are easy alternatives. You just have to know where to look.

For true weight loss to occur, you need to not only get out toxins, but you also need to improve your metabolism. Toxins and a nutrient-poor diet combine to really crash your metabolism and cause weight gain. (3)

Purblack Shilajit SlimSo what helps remove toxins and support the body’s energy pathways? Minerals. And shilajit is full of them. Fulvic acid plays a big role, too. (4)

More than the minerals, White Rabbit Slim also contains the essence of grapefruit seed extract and ginger essential oils. These matter, too. Here’s why:

Grapefruit Seed Extract: Grapefruit has been long known to aid in weight loss. And the essential oils, which come from the skin of the fruit, offer that distinctive clean citrus scent. That smell, along with the volatile compounds, triggers your brain for weight loss. (5)

Ginger Essential Oil: Most people know that ginger helps with nausea. That distinctive ginger scent reflects many of its benefits. Ginger boasts anti-inflammatory properties, as well as potent antioxidants. (6)

Maybe weight loss isn’t your focus right now. If revving up and going strong motivate you, then check out White Rabbit Vive!

White Rabbit Vive

white rabbit shilajit vive

Every morning millions of Americans enjoy the country’s number one beverage:  coffee. And lots of it! (7)

Why? Well, coffee has caffeine, which many people use as a morning wake-up call. But when they try to get off coffee, they are met with caffeine withdrawal.

So what’s a person to do? Find an alternative, caffeine-free drink that invigorates the body and focuses the mind.

For a closer coffee-flavor swap, check out Pürblack’s Déjà Brew.

This is where White Rabbit Vive shines. Enjoy as little as 25 mg to boost energy without the caffeine.

Is it really that easy?

Yes! Along with important minerals, White Rabbit Vive contains dibenzo-α-pyrones which are known to boost energy production at the cellular level. In fact, the mitochondria utilize these metabolites in the production of ATP (that’s energy!). (8, 9)

In an animal study, researchers exercised rats to the point of exhaustion, putting them in a chronic fatigue state. Shilajit supplementation reversed the effects. (10)

Purblack Shilajit ViveOf course, the proprietary essential oils in Vive complement the experience and enhance the effects of shilajit. Wild oranges and cacao beans? That’s a sweet-tart flavor! It’s just enough to mask the earthy bitterness of the mineral resin base.

Wild Orange: Nothing brightens the spirit better than citrus. Orange oil lends an exotic scent that boosts mood and energy levels. (11)

Chocolate: Well, now, we know all about cacao! Let’s just say that chocolate offers a steady energy without the jitters that caffeine causes. And this is the essence of that chocolate energy, not any of its stimulants.

Trust me, a little goes a long way. It works! I tried some in my chaga tea in the afternoon, and I had energy to spare at an evening banquet.

And the best part? You get all this energy with absolutely zero crash.

What if you want all the benefits of shilajit without the added boost, though? Then it’s Serene you’re looking for.

White Rabbit Serene

white rabbit shilajit serene

This is the nature of a true adaptogen. It both lifts you up in stressful times, and calms your stress when you don’t need it.

All of the many benefits already listed make shilajit a perfect nightcap. Minerals help the body function optimally, which helps to calm the mind. Fulvic acid supports the creation of neurotransmitters that ease anxiety. And the scent of Alpine flowers added by the Pürblack infusion process seals the deal.

Purblack Shilajit SereneThink forest bathing in a jar. The green Alpine forest with its scents of night blossoms gives feelings of serenity and peace. While shilajit can give you the energy you need to face the day, it can also promote feelings of calm and quietude, so you can sleep at night. (14, 15, 16)

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