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Nurses Face Charges After Posting Inappropriate Baby Pictures On Social Media
Two Navy staffers have been removed from duty after videos/images went viral showing them using a newborn baby as props[...]
Multiple Residents Confused After Many Spot “UFO” Lights In The Sky Above Salt Lake City
Mysterious footage was captured at around 8pm in mid-September showing a formation of lights in the sky of Salt Lake[...]
Woman Escapes Armed Robbery By Using Strange Trick She Learned On A Popular TV Show
A San Francisco woman was taking the train when a stranger behind her slipped her a handwritten note. Julie Dragland[...]


Man Unleashes Unspeakable Terror After Killing Large Spider
Just when you thought spiders couldn't get any creepier, nature finds a way to raise the bar.   When the[...]
Diver Sees Glass Bottle Move & Is Shocked By What Creature Comes Out!
Forget message in a bottle! ...Unless, perhaps, it's written in octopus ink? This sweet little octopus, featured in the video[...]
Man Lies Down To Take A Nap. Then Cheetah Walks Up & Does The Unthinkable!
It takes a great deal of time and patience for wild animals and human beings to trust each other.  [...]