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Breaking: Over 100 Dead After Violent 7.1 Earthquake Strikes Mexico City
A magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck central Mexico, killing over 100 people and sending thousands in the capital to the hospital.[...]
Residents Rush To Buy Water After Monster Company Drains Local Wells Dry
A large, well-known company is forcing residents in the town of San Felipe Ecatepec, Mexico to scramble for water as[...]
8-Year-Old Girl Left An Orphan After Her ENTIRE Family Dies From Strange Potato Accident
An 8 year-old Russian girl from Laishevo, Kazan was tragically turned into an orphan after her ENTIRE family bizarrely died[...]


Diver Sees Glass Bottle Move & Is Shocked By What Creature Comes Out!
Forget message in a bottle! ...Unless, perhaps, it's written in octopus ink? This sweet little octopus, featured in the video[...]
Man Lies Down To Take A Nap. Then Cheetah Walks Up & Does The Unthinkable!
It takes a great deal of time and patience for wild animals and human beings to trust each other.  [...]
Watch! Rare White Giraffes Captured On Video For The First Time EVER!
Conservationists in Kenya encountered a rare treat in Kenya. They spotted and were able to photograph, for the first time,[...]