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7 Cancer-Linked Products That Are Found In Every Home
How often do you check the ingredient list on the products you buy? If you fill your cart at the[...]
Nanny Faces Attempted Murder Charges After Video Shows Rough Handling Of Infant
Annemarie Theron, a 31 year-old mother from Namibia, describes how she felt "betrayed" after she witnessed her childminder violently assaulting[...]
Woman Narrowly Dodges Death TWICE During Dramatic Mexico Earthquake Surveillance Video
Amid the tragic carnage left in the wake of a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico, one stunning video has revealed[...]


Traveler Stumbles Upon Massive Patch of Wild Marijuana Plants In Raw Video
Have you ever wondered where weed grows in the wild?  The answer is, among other places, in Nepal! While marijuana[...]
Video Goes Viral After Woman Throws A Fit About Veteran’s Service Dog
In a shocking video that has garnered over 500 thousand views, an angry woman baffles those around her when she[...]
Man Unleashes Unspeakable Terror After Killing Large Spider
Just when you thought spiders couldn't get any creepier, nature finds a way to raise the bar.   When the[...]