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8 Signs You Are More Empathetic Than Most

Empathy is a person’s ability to understand, be sensitive to and vicariously experience another person’s thoughts and feelings. Empaths are affected by the energy of others. They are highly sensitive when it comes to emotions. They feel everything around them, sometimes to an extreme. Empaths are usually creative, compassionate and spiritual human beings. If you […]


People With Social Anxiety & High IQs Have THIS Special Gift!

Anxiety disorders are considered the most common mental illness in the United States. Those living with anxiety know how debilitating it can be. It can cause restlessness, fatigue, irritability, sleep problems and difficulty concentrating. Social anxiety is described as “the extreme fear of being scrutinized and judged by others in social or performance situations.” Social […]


THIS Is What People Are Buying With Food Stamps. Terrible!

According to a new report from The United States Department of Agriculture, sugary soft drinks are the number one purchase made by those on the government-funded SNAP food stamp program. The report, located here, indicates that 10% of all food stamp purchases goes towards soft drinks. As NYU nutrition professor Marion Nestle said to The […]


Why you Should Eat Beans for Breakfast: Bessara Recipe

While it may seem strange to eat beans for breakfast, in Morocco, a common and popular breakfast dish is made from just that. Bessara is a deliciously addictive Moroccan fava bean dip, similar to hummus, which is served with bread (I prefer gluten-free toast!), or thinned out and eaten like a soup in the AM. […]


6 Signs Of A Nervous Breakdown You Should Never Ignore!

The term “nervous breakdown” is used to describe a stressful situation in which a person is temporarily unable to function normally. It can occur when stress becomes physically and emotionally overwhelming. Nervous breakdown is not a medical term, but many people use it to describe a mental breakdown caused by depression, anxiety or stress. Long-term […]


12 Struggles Only Overthinkers Can Understand

Do you get stressed out when making a decision? Do you think every billboard you pass is sending you a message? Are you constantly second-guessing yourself? Do you spend hours looking up symptoms on the internet and end up diagnosing yourself with a fatal disease? If this sounds like you, it might be time to […]


7 Simple Habits Of Happy People

We often let the stresses of life bring us down. But there are several things each and every one of us can incorporate into our daily routine to boost our mood and brighten our day. It’s mind over matter. Whether it’s traffic, a headache or your work load that’s bringing you down, positive thoughts can […]

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