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6 Signs Your Partner Is Extremely Selfish

A relationship is a two-way street. When one person is selfish beyond measure, the relationship is bound to hit some bumps in the road until it falls apart completely. Selfishness can cause resentment, animosity and pain. If your partner is being selfish, it’s time to sit down and talk things through. If you’re the one […]


7 Cancer-Linked Products That Are Found In Every Home

How often do you check the ingredient list on the products you buy? If you fill your cart at the store without much thought to the toxins that may be hiding in each item, chances are your home is filled with cancer-causing toothpaste, laundry detergent, household cleaners and more. Here are seven products linked to […]


7 Scientific Tips On How To Make Your Brain Happy

Being truly happy is a processes that works from the inside out. In order to reduce your stress levels, stop overthinking and improve your outlook on life, you have to make a conscious decision to think positive thoughts. According to neuroscientists, becoming perfectly happy starts with your brain. Here are seven tips from neuroscientists on […]


Warm and Spicy Kale with Shiitake Mushrooms

One pot meals make weeknights a lot easier. They are typically fast to throw together, and only require cleaning of one one pot. This complete meal – with ample veggies, plant-protein, and healthy fats – is filling and satisfying on a chilly fall night.   Benefits: Turmeric: A bright yellow spice noted for its anti-inflammatory […]


Vets Warn About Deadly Bug Bite That Kills 100s Of Dogs A Year

If you have dog, you’ll want to keep an eye out for a deadly bug that is making our four-legged friends very sick. Called “the kissing bug” or “the assassin bug,” this insect spreads a sickness known as Chagas Disease. Chagas Disease is most common in South America and Central America, but it’s spreading. It […]


8-Year-Old Girl Left An Orphan After Her ENTIRE Family Dies From Strange Potato Accident

An 8 year-old Russian girl from Laishevo, Kazan was tragically turned into an orphan after her ENTIRE family bizarrely died when they inhaled toxic/poisonous fumes from rotten potatoes that were stored in the family cellar for winter. The devastated girl, Maria Chelysheva, was sadly said to be “inconsolable” after she lost her father, mother, brother […]


Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

This Stuffed Sweet Potato recipe will brighten up your dinner table. Filled with a mix of kale, quinoa and chickpeas, and dressed in a lemon herb tahini dressing, serve one of these filling healthy loaded sweet potatoes as an appetizer, or double it up for a meal.   EXPERT TIP from The Real Food Grocery […]


Researchers Reveal The 1 Habit That Stops Worrying & Overthinking

If you’re a worry-wort, keep reading. In today’s day and age, many of us are. We’re plagued by stress and anxiety due to busy schedules, unexpected events and constant overthinking. We become overwhelmed, our brain runs wild and we feel powerless to stop it. According to recent research, there’s a certain habit that can help […]


Canada Bans Deadly Oil Linked To Cancer, Hormone Disruption & Heart Attack

Health Canada recently announced a food ban on the main source of artificial trans fats in Canadian diets: partially hydrogenated oils. PHO’s are the main source of trans fats in foods all over the country, including foods that are produced in restaurants. Canadian officials are taking a step toward protecting the health of their citizens […]

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