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Umami Chickpea Burger

If you’re getting tired of beans and quinoa, this umami chickpea burger is a fun way to get your plant protein. It’s hearty, flavorful, and craveable, not to mention a great addition to meal prepping and batch cooking, as it saves well, and can be eaten hot or cold. You can dress this burger up […]


4 Toxic Ingredients Found In Laundry Soap You NEED To Avoid

Processed foods and fast foods are often loaded with toxic ingredients. Eating a natural, whole foods diet is a great way to avoid putting harmful chemicals into your body. Unfortunately, there other toxic chemicals hiding elsewhere, right in your own home. The purpose of laundry detergent is to clean your clothes, so it might surprise […]


10 Foods That Give Men Strength & Vitality At Any Age

It’s no secret that as we age, things start to change. Many people begin to feel weak, their bones become more brittle and they just don’t have the energy that they used to. Aging happens to everyone, but it doesn’t have to put a damper on your health or routine. Maintaining a healthy and balanced […]


Fast Weeknight Dinner: Artichoke and Arugula Tortilla Pizza

If you don’t feel like cooking after a long day, then this Artichoke and Arugula Tortilla Pizza is sure to please. It takes less than 20 minutes and requires little more than chopping veggies and turning your oven on. The crust is simply a brown rice tortilla, toasted to crisp, thin-crust style perfection. While you […]


Never Eat Ginger If You Have Any Of These 4 Health Conditions

Ginger adds a spicy and bold flavor to many dishes. It’s been used for centuries to alleviate symptoms caused by many medical conditions, including motion sickness, digestive issues and even arthritis. Ginger’s natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects make it a natural healer. While ginger does indeed boast many health benefits, there are some health conditions […]


9 Nighttime Habits That Make You Gain Weight

Waking up and noticing you’re carrying a few extra pounds is pretty common. Even if you’re exercising and eating healthy meals, there are several habits that can cause you to gain weight without even realizing it. Here are nine nighttime habits that make you gain weight: 1. You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep Every part of […]

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