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ALERT: Salmonella Outbreak Linked Papayas Leaves 1 Dead, 47 Sick

Be careful if you’ve got any yellow Maradol papayas sitting in your fruit basket: the CDC has just released a warning that some of these fruits may be contaminated with salmonella. The outbreak has so far resulted in 47 cases across 12 states and even 1 death. 12 people have been hospitalized and the 1 […]


9 Habits That Reduce Cholesterol Without Dangerous Statins

Despite the dangerous side effects of statins, millions of Americans take them every single day to lower their cholesterol levels. Statins work by blocking the enzyme in your liver that naturally produces cholesterol. One of the main problems, is that statins don’t address HDL or LDL cholesterol, they simply reduce total cholesterol numbers. Statins have […]


Woman Has Over 200 Stones Removed From Body. Doctors Blame Common Eating Habit.

Doctors in China recently removed more than 200 stones from a woman’s body in a single operation. Some of the stones, found in the woman’s liver and gallbladder, were as large as eggs. Surgeons claim the stones were most likely caused by the fact that the woman had been regularly skipping breakfast for more than […]


Doctors Reverse Brain Damage In 2-Year-Old Girl With Controversial Oxygen Therapy

Last February, a two-year-old girl fell into an outdoor pool sitting at 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Little Eden drowned for 10 to 15 minutes before she was found. As a result, she suffered cardiac arrest and brain damage. Doctors are now claiming to have miraculously reversed Eden’s brain damage, after starting the toddler on normobaric oxygen […]


The Vitamin That Could Double Your Chance Of Beating Breast Cancer

Research has shown over and over again how important active prevention is when it comes to lowering your risk of cancer. Prevention may come in the form of exercising, eating a balanced diet full of whole foods, refraining from substance abuse and making sure that your body gets the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. […]


7 Major Causes Of Severe Depression & How To Avoid It

Depression affects every part of your life. Your sleeping habits, your eating habits, your job, your relationships… they all suffer when you become overwhelmed with feelings of hopelessness. Being able to identify major triggers of depression might help you maintain a positive mindset and take preventable actions to reduce stress and depression, before they take […]


Popular Mushroom Extract Found To Kill Cancer Cells, According To New Research

The portobello mushroom is part of the crimini family. It can be found in most grocery stores and health food stores. If it’s not a regular part of your diet, there’s a few great reasons why it should be. Not only is the portobello mushroom low in sodium and calories, it contains many important nutrients […]


Doctor Finds Insane Amount Of Contact Lenses Clumped Together In Woman’s Eye

If you wear contacts, this story might make you extra cautious when it comes to your eye health. According to the British Medical Journal, doctors found 27 contact lenses in a patient’s eye while she was being prepped for surgery. The lenses were clumped together in a “blueish mass… bound together by mucus” in the […]


The Popular Food Linked To Hormone Disruption & Learning Disabilities In Children

One of your child’s favorite meals might be putting them at risk for health problems, including hormone disruption and learning disabilities. Chemicals known as phthalates were banned from children’s teething rings and rubber duck toys a decade ago, but it turns out they may be lurking in a popular children’s food: macaroni and cheese. Harmful […]


8 Popular Garden Plants That Are Incredibly Poisonous

Gardening, for many, is a favorite pastime. It’s a glorious combination of sun, dirt, hard work, and incredible payoff. Who doesn’t love a fresh-from-the-oven homemade strawberry rhubarb pie? And the stunning blue, pink, purple and white of the hydrangea blossom is a summer trademark. But there are several common plants, that although aesthetically pleasing, are […]

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