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6 Natural Diabetic Neuropathy Treatments

Diabetic Neuropathy is a type of nerve damage that stems from diabetes. Depending on which nerves are affected, diabetic neuropathy symptoms can range from pain and numbness in the extremities to problems with the digestive system, urinary tract, blood vessels and heart. High blood sugar causes injury to nerve fibers in the body, most often […]


6 Natural Ways To Manage Manic Depression

Manic depression, not to be confused with depression, is also known as bipolar disorder. It’s marked by extreme highs and lows in energy, activity levels, sleep patterns, and manic behavior. About 2.6 percents of adult Americans are manic depressive, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. There is no cure for manic depression.  However, there are several […]


9 Simple Ways To Treat COPD Symptoms Naturally

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease affects around 30 million people in the United States. COPD is an umbrella term that is used to describe lung diseases that worsen over time, including emphysema, chronic bronchitis and asthma. COPD can develop for years without noticeable symptoms. Symptoms in the more developed states of the disease include: Increased breathlessness […]


7 Steps That Prevent The Common Cold Or Flu

Prevention is key when it comes to cold and flu season. The flu is caused by Influenza A and B viruses. It’s extremely contagious and often travels through schools, homes and workplaces quickly. The virus is typically spread through coughing, sneezing and coming in contact with flu virus droplets in the air. Taking preventative measures […]


10 Natural Remedies For The Flu

The weather is slowly turning colder, which means that cold and flu season is fast approaching. At the first sign of illness, most of us will be Googling “How to get rid of the flu in 24 hours.” Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is an extremely contagious respiratory virus caused by the Influenza A […]


Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai

Who needs noodles when you have spaghetti squash? Once roasted, if you run your fork over the flesh of a spaghetti squash, it turns into noodle-like strands, making it a wonderful, nutritious alternative to regular noodles.   Here’s some of the benefits: Spaghetti squash is full of vitamin A and vitamin C, but it’s also […]


The Candida Diet: Foods To Eat & Avoid

Candida is a fungus that can live in the body and overproduce, if the body’s ecosystem is out of balance. Candida thrives on dead tissue and sugars from food. If you are in need of a candida diet cleanse, you may experience the following signs: Exhaustion Cravings for sweets Bad breath White coat on tongue […]


7 Symptoms & Causes Of Yeast Infections

A vaginal yeast infection can be an awful experience, to say the least. It’s caused by candida, which is a fungus that lives naturally in the vagina. It’s the overgrowth of this fungus that triggers many of the common yeast infection symptoms. These symptoms include irritation, inflammation, itching, pain, and yeast infection discharge. Some women […]


Acid Reflux: 8 Common Causes & Symptoms

About one-third of people suffer from acid reflux, at least once a year or more. And  most people are aware of which foods tend to cause a flare-up of reflux, but there are other causes that can cause this painful condition. Contrary to what most people believe, acid reflux symptoms are not caused by too […]


7 Easy-To-Miss Candida Symptoms

Research has shown that around 70% of people are affected by a systemic fungal infection called Candida. Candida is a yeast infection that thrives in an acidic environment. How do you get candida? When the body is out of balance and the immune system is weak, Candida can begin to reproduce, leading to a wide […]

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