NoniLand, a Hawaiian agricultural research center on the Big Island, is also home to a bee sanctuary that creates a delicious honey bursting with the flavors and nutrients of the surrounding flora. NoniLand honey takes the benefits of Nature’s ancient sweetener to a new level.

Not only is the honey a feast for the taste buds, but the sanctuary is also a feast for the eyes!

Learn about NoniLand and its Honey from David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe:

The story of NoniLand Honey begins as a journey into our imagination. Our story takes place within a jungle paradise setting on the north shore of one of the Hawaiian Islands.

This is NoniLand.

NoniLand is a certified organic, certified biodynamic agricultural research center, bee sanctuary, and farm. Now picture all the trees at NoniLand sending their roots deep into mineral-rich soils, while extending their leafy branches into the warm, tropical sun and calm ocean breezes.

What we have here at NoniLand is a new type of honey from a rarified ecosystem, distinct from both wildflower and single flower varietals. NoniLand Honey is made from the blossoms of a wide variety of highly-nourished plants and trees, offering a concentrated source of life-giving manna.

Happy bees make outstanding Honey.

The bees at NoniLand expanded out from the first hives to find new nooks and crannies in the house to call home. These bee colonies have further expanded out into NoniLand, pollinating plants and living a lavish bee life.

NoniLand Honey

Still, the NoniLand team works with the bees and extracts honey from the hives at specific times of year, making for a very unique honey. The flavors depend on what’s in bloom.

No two jars of honey are alike!

So if you want to taste a little bit of paradise, try NoniLand Honey today, and see why we believe this honey embodies the magic that is NoniLand!

This honey looks like drops of gold to brighten your day!

On sale or not, enjoy the value of a jar of mineral rich, wild Hawaiian honey today! And bring a little NoniLand magic into your life!

NoniLand Honey – The Best Ever

Honey offers some pretty unique benefits. For one, the sweetness of raw honey is hard to beat. But raw, unfiltered honey goes farther. Raw means that the living enzymes are still intact. Enzymes help your body digest the honey and assimilate its nutrients.

Honey is naturally antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and it’s also known for having incredible healing properties. As an added benefit, honey does not raise blood sugar in the same way as processed cane sugar. Another plus! (1, 2)

Did you know? The color of a food tells us a lot about the nutrients it contains. Phytonutrients (plant compounds) lend honey that rich gold color. Our NoniLand honey – being so rich in color – is especially high in antioxidants. It makes for a fabulous addition to beverages, smoothies, teas, and elixirs, and it can also be used externally for topical purposes. (3)

In fact, wounds heal faster and better with honey! OK – we don’t want you to just use this honey topically, but it’s good to know you have a medicinal food at your fingertips. (4)

Lastly, our honey is packaged in high quality UV protected Violet Miron glass for maximum freshness. This will help keep honey fresh for at least 5 years.

NoniLand Honey


Fun Fact:  The light-colored honey you see at farmer’s markets and in health food stores is actually whipped honey. The paler color is thanks to air whipped in. NoniLand honey is raw, unfiltered, and fully unprocessed. You can see the delicious character of the honey straight from our bees to you.