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Watch: Man Saves Tiny Octopus & Gets Adorable ‘Thank You’ In Return

Displays of affection are nothing new in the animal kingdom. However, such displays are usually associated with dogs, cats, or other domesticated animals. It’s not often you hear about a wild animal showing feelings of affection towards humans. But that is precisely what seems to have happened between a man and the sweet octopus he […]


Dog’s Reaction To Owner Eating All The Food Is Hilarious!

Walk? Dinner? Car ride? If you have a dog, you know they often seem to have a clear understanding of these and similar words. And to indicate that understanding, they give that intense, meaningful stare, or they leap up with excitement, ready to take part in whatever fantastic idea you just shared with them. And […]


Woman Convicted of Murder After Pet Parrot Repeats Victim’s Final Words

49-year-old Glenna Duram thought she’d get away with murdering her husband—but unfortunately for her, there was a key eyewitness to the crime: a parrot. “Don’t fucking shoot,” are the words now being repeated by Bud, the pet parrot of now-deceased Martin Duram. Bud’s current owner is convinced that these are the final words of Martin […]


Pet-Ternity: Employer Offers Workers Paid Leave For Adopting A Pet

Business owner, Greg Buchanan, appeared on This Morning to talk about a hot new trend called “pet-ternity leave.” This fairly new concept also goes by the names of “paw-ternity” leave and “pup-ternity” leave. If you didn’t guess, it’s similar to parental leave, but it pertains to your pet. And Buchanan says he offers his employees […]


Dairy-Free Fettuccine with Lemon Cream Sauce

This creamy fettuccine is the perfect summer dish. It’s fresh and full of flavor, and it’s made without any dairy or gluten! The bean pasta is gluten-free and provides a lot of fiber and protein, making this dish nutritious and delicious.   Benefits Bean pasta is a great gluten-free alternative to wheat pasta as it […]


The Vitamin That Could Double Your Chance Of Beating Breast Cancer

Research has shown over and over again how important active prevention is when it comes to lowering your risk of cancer. Prevention may come in the form of exercising, eating a balanced diet full of whole foods, refraining from substance abuse and making sure that your body gets the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. […]


Watch As Dog Rescues Baby Deer From Drowning

Mark Freely took his two dogs Storm and Sarah down to the water at the Long Island Sound. All was going well until Storm, his English golden retriever, took off running–in order to rescue a drowning baby deer. Storm dove into the waters and swam towards something Freely, at first, couldn’t identify. But soon, he […]


Company Hired To Clean Up Fukushima Radiation Plans To Do The UNTHINKABLE

Remember that devastating nuclear meltdown in Fukushima back in 2011? Remember all the reports about radioactive contamination leaking into local bodies of water and eventually spreading far and wide? Well, despite all the concerning reports, it seems the company hired to manage the cleanup has decided to—quite simply—dump 770,000 tons of contaminated radioactive water into […]


This Grilled Pineapple is the Perfect Summer BBQ Snack

Grilled pineapple with lime zest is a super simple summer treat. Pineapple is naturally sweet, and the heat of the grill will caramelize the natural sugar. The lime zest will add a fresh kick while brightening it up with some color. A good summer BBQ tip is that an enzyme in pineapple helps you break […]


Watch: Photographer Captures Rare Sperm Whale Event On Camera

An underwater photographer, Franco Banfi, has captured a rare set of stunning images. The photographs feature a pod of vertically-sleeping sperm whales. Banfi, 58, from Cadro, Switzerland, caught sight of the oceanic beauties just off the coast of the Caribbean island Dominica, at around 65 feet underwater. Sperm whales spend roughly seven percent of their […]

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