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Canada Bans Deadly Oil Linked To Cancer, Hormone Disruption & Heart Attack

Health Canada recently announced a food ban on the main source of artificial trans fats in Canadian diets: partially hydrogenated oils. PHO’s are the main source of trans fats in foods all over the country, including foods that are produced in restaurants. Canadian officials are taking a step toward protecting the health of their citizens […]


Common Medication Linked To Cancer, Cataracts & Alzheimer’s Disease

Statins are some of the most widely prescribed drugs in the country. One in four Americans over the age of 45 are taking them to battle high cholesterol levels. But as research piles up about the dangerous side effects that come along with taking statins, they are becoming increasingly controversial. Statins deplete the body of […]


Hurricane Jose Could Wreak Havoc On New York & East Coast This Week

Weather forecasters are predicting that Hurricane Jose could threaten New York next week. Jose is currently a Category One hurricane, moving northwest toward Cape Hatteras. The hurricane is about 400 miles off the east coast with sustained winds of 80 miles per hour. According to the latest forecast from the National Hurricane Center, the eye […]


Mother Loses Eye Due To Common Makeup Mistake

A mother of two suffered a freak accident after using a common makeup product. Erica Diaz came home after a night out with friends and began washing the makeup off of her face. That’s when she noticed that her eyelid felt strange. Erica soon realized that a piece of glitter from the eye makeup she […]


Officials Warn Of Hepatitis A Outbreak In San Diego Linked To Contaminated Water

San Diego, California is experiencing a dangerous hepatitis A outbreak. The disease has killed 16 people and infected over 400 people so far. The city is said to be covered in fecal matter due to a rising homeless population and a lack of public restrooms. Despite the attempts of city officials to contain the outbreak […]


New Study Links Popular Vaccine To Early Miscarriage

According to a recent study, there may be a link between a particular flu vaccine and early miscarriage. While researchers can’t say for sure that the vaccine actually causes miscarriages, they found troubling signs of a possible relationship that they are following up on. The Study The study, paid for by the Centers for Disease […]


11 Things You Should Know If You Love An Over-Thinker

If you’re not an over-thinker, you probably have a hard time understanding someone who is. Being an over-thinker often causes paralyzing anxiety and self-doubt. If you’re in a relationship with an over-thinker, try putting yourself in their shoes. It might help you understand them better. To an over-thinker, nothing is simple. Here are 11 things […]


7 Honest Truths You Need To Know If You Want To Get Your Life Back Together

Maybe you reached a certain age and suddenly realized your life isn’t exactly where you want it to be. Everyone grows and learns at a different rate. Just because your friends are married and have kids, that doesn’t mean you should be in the same place. But part of being happy and feeling fulfilled is […]

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