Suffering from intestinal parasites is a common problem many of us face. Intestinal parasites are so common that many of us are trying to find out how to get rid of parasites. There are easy ways to get rid of parasites in your gut. Getting rid of intestinal parasites can even be done naturally.

Infections caused by parasites are one of the most prevalent among humans. In some parts of the world, people even die from parasitic infections in their intestines. (1) Parasites are no joke and if you have them they’re nothing to play around with. Intestinal parasites are serious and should be treated that way.

You, too, could have parasites causing problems for your body without even knowing it. The suffering your body is going through from a parasite infection can end when you finally find out how to get rid of parasites. There are many different types of parasite and different ways to prevent or remove them. Here we will discuss all the different types of intestinal parasites and what you can do about them.

Different Types of Parasites

One important thing to remember is that there are several different types of parasite that could be infecting your intestines. These parasites are all different in the ways that they are made up. One thing in common they do have is that they are all types of worms and they are all bad for our guts. The types of worms in our gut are called Helminths, worms with many cells. We will be talking a little about the names and different varieties of helminths that might be infecting your gut.

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There are three major types of parasite that commonly infect peoples intestines. These parasites are also called soil transmitted helminths. This is because the worms that live inside soil or fertilizer are made from feces. There are billions of people on the planet suffering from soil transmitted helminths. All these people are infected by three specific types of helminth: roundworms, whipworms, and hookworms.

In addition to those three common types of parasite, we will talk about tapeworms. Tapeworms are different from the other types of helminths. When we’re done talking about the basics of parasites, including their symptoms, we will discuss ways to prevent each one. While the best way to figure out how to get rid of parasites might be to do a parasite cleanse, we still want to prevent future parasites from coming back.


The first type of parasite we will discuss is Ascaris lumbricoides, also known as roundworm. There are nearly one billion people on earth that are infected with roundworm. The parasite lives in your intestine and the eggs are passed through your feces. When humans or animal waste goes back to the earth and has those eggs they can proceed to spread. The roundworm and eggs from pig waste are indistinguishable and when contaminated manure is used for farming the parasites can be passed on to us. Symptoms of having a roundworm can include abdominal discomfort, growth defects, and even a cough. (2)


Next, we’re going to discuss Trichiuris trichiuria also known as the parasite whipworm. There are 604 to 795 million people in the world infected with whipworm. Whipworm is transmitted in the same way as roundworm. The symptoms of a heavy whipworm infection are more obvious and serious than roundworm. You may experience frequent and painful bowel movement which contain mucus or blood. You can even experience rectal prolapse or become anemic due to whipworm. (3)


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Finally, we have Necator americanus also known as hookworm. There are between 576 and 740 million people in the world with hookworms. Hookworms live in the intestines just like whipworms and roundworms. However, hookworms can actually penetrate your skin. The larva that mature from the feces of humans and animals become worms that can infect you by digging through your skin. People infected with hookworms might show signs of anemia or protein loss. (4)

If you are having any of the dangerous warning signs related to various types of parasitic infection should contact your medical provider at once.


Cestodes otherwise known as Tapeworm is in a classification all of its own. This is because tapeworm isn’t contracted by humans through dirt. Instead, Tapeworm is transferred by eating pork or beef that is infected with a disease called cysticercosis. Animals get this disease when tapeworm eggs hatch inside the animals body. The biggest sign that you may have a tapeworm is finding pieces of tapeworm in your feces. Other signs include abdominal pain, loss of appetite, and weight loss. (5)

How To Get Rid Of Parasites: Prevention as a Primary Defense

When you’re trying to figure out how to get rid of parasites, one thing to remember is prevention can sometimes be the best medicine. There are different methods of preventing different types of parasites. This is why it is so difficult to remain parasite free. Some recommend doing a natural parasite cleanse just to be safe. If you think you might have parasites already then a parasite cleanse is one of the only safe and effective ways to remove parasites.

Preventing Whipworm

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Prevention is the most important thing when you are looking at how to get rid of parasites. There are different methods of prevention for each type of parasite. First, to prevent yourself from getting whipworm (Trichuris trichiura) you should avoid contact with soil or human feces. Additionally, you should wash, peel, or cook raw fruits and vegetables before eating them. Finally, you should always wash your hands with soap and water before preparing food or eating. (6)

Preventing Hookworm

When you’re looking at how to get rid of parasites like Necator americanicus or hookworm you need to use slightly different tactics. Hookworm parasites come from the dirt and get into your skin. This is different from other parasites that need to be injected. So, the best way to prevent hookworm parasites is to stop walking around outside barefoot. You should avoid contact with the dirt as much as possible if you want to prevent this parasite. Additionally, avoiding areas with poor sewage or places that rely on manure for fertilizer will help prevent catching hookworm. (7)

Preventing Roundworm

Finally, when you want to find out how to get rid of roundworms like Ascaris lumbricoides you need to use similar tactics to preventing whipworm. First, avoid consuming food grown in soil fertilized by pig manure. Pigs spread roundworm through their feces. Just like roundworm, you should wash your hands with warm soap and water as well as clean and cook your raw vegetables and fruit. Finally, if you are handling pigs, you should wash your hands often and keep their area clean. (8)

Preventing Tapeworm

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To prevent tapeworm you need to thoroughly cook all of the meat you eat. You will need to get the internal temperature of the meat you eat to a certain level before it is safe to eat. In order to do this we recommend using a meat thermometer. You can use a meat thermometer to make sure your pork and beef is up to temperature. For whole cuts of pork and beef the internal temperature needs to reach a minimum of 145 degrees Fahrenheit. If your beef or pork is ground it needs to be at least 165 degrees. (9)

How To Get Rid Of Parasite with Colon Cleansing

One way we can help eliminate parasites is through colon hydrotherapy. Colon hydrotherapy is when a practitioner flushes your colon with fluid. Specifically, colon hydrotherapy is a way for you to relieve constipation and remove fecal matter clogging up your intestines. You can also use a colon cleanse to help eliminate intestinal parasites. Parasites can live inside the excess matter that a colon hydrotherapy can flush away. (10)

For those of us who don’t want to try colon hydrotherapy there are other options. A normal colon cleanse can also help you flush out intestinal parasites. Many of us may not have all the resources required to get colon hydrotherapy. So, there are a number of great natural ways to cleanse your colon and help begin to flush out all those parasites.


The best way to not get ringworms, roundworms, hookworms, or tapeworms is to prevent yourself from coming into contact with them in the first place. However, with the extreme prevalence of these parasites that isn’t always enough. To be safe we have to figure out how to get rid of parasites. The best way, besides prevention, is to utilize a parasite cleanse or colon cleanse. Staying healthy can be a difficult job but once you get rid of your parasites it can become so much easier.