If you were given a special magical wand to take away poisons from the spleen, liver & digestive system, that also calmed & soothed your mind, restored your nervous system & gave you self healing powers – would you wave & use that wand??

If you replied with a yes, then please keep on reading .. I want to share with you an ancient breathing technique, the ‘breath of the nectar of life’ – Sitalee Praanayam ..

This is a breath meditation that works as a potent anti-inflammatory within the body. Cooling down too much excessive heat, inflammation, repressed anger, resentment, frustration, & other ‘liver’ related emotional states. Your liver will love you for taking on this healing meditation, as will your entire body. And as the name suggests the breath will over time become like pure golden nectar. For when at first you practice this breath, you may notice that the tongue has a bitter taste, this is the toxicity & poisons leaving the body. Over time, as the blood, liver, spleen & digestive system become adjusted & cleansed the breath will taste sweet like nectar ..

It is so effective that it still surprises me to this day .. This is a breath technique that you certainly want to keep in your magical wand tool kit for when in your life you need to go inward, self heal, cool, soothe, detoxify, go into a receptive & receiving space & in this particular meditation, exalt yourself !

How to Practice Kundalini Breath Meditation Sitalee Praanayam to Exalt Ourselves

Posture –

Sit down in any Yogic sitting posture such as Easy Pose, Half Lotus, Cross-Legged or even sit in a chair. Consciously lengthen your spine to establish a tall, straight spine, chest lifted, chin in. Rest your hands on your knees, as though you are holding them, palms down.

Eye Focus –

Eyes are closed, & through closed eyes look toward & focus at the tip of the nose known as The Lotus Point.

Breath Technique –

Stick your tongue out, & make a ” U ” by curling your tongue. Keep the rolled curled tongue sticking out of your mouth throughout the meditation. Now, Inhale deeply through your rolled tongue, & exhale out completely through your nose. So with each Inhale, drink & draw in the breath through the curled tongue – like the tongue is a straw, & the breath is the ‘nectar’. With each Exhale, let the breath go completely out through your Nose.

Continue this breath pattern, keeping the tongue curled & sticking out of your mouth throughout the entire time. Consciously breath as slowly & deeply as you can to achieve the best results. Maintain awareness of your spine, keeping it elongated upward. Especially as you get challenged with any distractions such as irritations or mind distractions – when this happens deepen your breath focus even more making sure to bring the breath right down into the lower lungs & go through it ..

It may come to around the 10 min mark when the tongue may even become uncomfortable – when this happens understand that the tongue is actually in an ‘asana’ – yes, your tongue is doing Yoga, a yogic asana. This is a posture & you want to become aware of the subtle sensations and mind projections – become the observer; as you continue & maintain the best possible deep, slow, complete breaths as you can.

You are going to go through an adjustment within your nervous systems, musculature, organs & repatterning will occur .. This is pure self help therapy to heal, renew & will deliver incredible benefits to you. Just keep breathing, slowly & deeply through the rolled tongue & out through the nose completely ..

Continue 23 minutes.

To End –

Place the base of your palms underneath your cheekbones & cup them. Now Inhale deeply, suspend the breath 15 seconds & press your palms into your cheekbones (press hard, but not to damage the bones). Exhale Powerfully. Repeat that sequence two more times. This end part of the meditation will adjust your cheekbones, temples & cranium.

Tips –

* Before practicing this Sitalee Breath Meditation, tune-in with the Adi Mantra three times out loud. ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO to bring you into a sacred space, guided by your own inner wisdom & Divine Teacher within.

*If you are unable to physically curl & roll your tongue, then create a tight circle with your lips ( with the tongue slightly out of the mouth ) & pull the breath in through the small circled lips & tongue.

* You may play meditative mantra music or link the Inhale through the curled tongue with the mental recitation of ‘Sat’ and the mental recitation of ‘Nam’ on the Exhale through the nose.

* Try practicing this Kundalini Meditation outside amongst nature, in a forest, on the beach, near a lake or river & tune into drawing IN as much life giving Prana into your systems ..

* Give yourself the chance to really experience this ancient practice & afterwards you can dwell & feel pleasant, radiant, meditative & happy.

For a more active practice, try this Kundalini Yoga exercise for strong legs.