The following Kundalini Meditation is an effective meditation to heal & help alleviate conscious & subconscious addictions. We can be addicted to attention, need for approval or validation, sugar, alcohol, social media, cigarettes, food, drugs, sex, body image, shopping and the list goes on .. If you are ready to break ANY addictive or neurotic behavioural pattern, try this ancient scientific meditation for 40 Days straight. It’s scientific in it’s precise way to activate the radiance of the Pineal Gland through specific mantra, mudra, eye focus & rhythm. Through the regular (daily for best results) practice of this meditation the Pineal Gland works together with the Pituitary Gland to create mind/body balance & harmony. As well as creating change in the autonomic nervous system.

‘This meditation is one of a class of meditations that will become well known to the future medical society. The pressureexerted by the thumbs triggers a rhythmic reflex current into the central brain. This current activates the brain area directly underneath the stem of the Pineal Gland.’

Just give it a go & watch those intense yearnings, waves of urgency to grab whatever ‘it’ is or cravings lessen in their power over you as YOU strengthen your command over impulses. This meditation is for everyone & anyone, from those wanting quit an addiction to sugar to those in rehabilitation for drug & alcohol dependence. It’s also helpful in assisting in mental dis-ease, phobias & general insecurity.

To truly gain the benefits do the meditation daily for 40 days.

Before practicing the meditation chant or say the Adi Mantra ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO three times . This mantra translates as, “I bow to the One Creator, I bow to the Divine Teacher, to the Infinite Wisdom within.”

1) Sit with a tall straight spine, apply Jalandhara Bandha (Neck Lock) by gently drawing the back of the throat towards the spine &
lengthening the back of the neck whilst lifting the chest.

2) Create fists with both your hands & extend the thumbs straight. Place the thumbs on the temples & locate the soft niche where the thumbs fit just perfectly (the lower anterior portion of the frontal bone above the temporal-sphenoid suture).

3) Now lock the back molars together, lips are closed. Vibrate the jaw muscles by alternating the pressure on the back molars. Thus lock
left back molars, then lock right back molars and so forth in a consistent rhythmic fashion. As you do this a muscle will move under the
thumbs, feel it massage the thumbs at the temples and apply firm pressure.

4) Eyes are closed. Through closed eyes roll them up to look at the space between the eyebrows – the Third Eye Point.

5) Keep eyes closed & focused at the Third Eye Point as you silently vibrate mentally the sounds SAA TAA NAA MAA, SAA TAA, NAA MAA, SAA TAA NAA MAA …

6) Feel these sounds are vibrated at the Third Eye Point ( as though written at your brow ) with the rhythm of your alternating jaw muscles.

7) Continue a steady rhythm of the mantra in the same rhythm as the locking alternate back molars, eyes rolled up and in. Breath will regulate itself.

8) Begin the practice for 5 – 7 minutes. Then slowly over time you can increase to up to maximum 31 minutes.

9) To End: Inhale deeply, suspend the breath for about 10-15 seconds applying a little more pressure to your temples as you penetrate your
gaze through the space between your eyebrows. Exhale and relax.

Mantra translation ~ SAA, TAA, NAA, MAA translates as Infinity, Life, Death or Transformation, Rebirth. This mantra increases intuition, balances the hemispheres of the brain & describes the continuous cycle of life & creation.