It’s true what they say — you are the company you keep. The people you surround yourself with can either lift you up or bring you down. Keeping negative people out of your life is vital for your own health, well-being and happiness. Choosing to surround yourself with uplifting, kind and wonderful people can keep positive energy flowing your way.

Here are the five types of people you want to keep in your life:

1. The Cheerleader

This person is your own personal motivator. When something good happens to you, this person is always the first one at your side, congratulating you and encouraging you to continue following your dreams. When you’re feeling down, the motivator is the one who finds a way to lift you back up.

2. The Connector

When you’re in a pickle, this is your go-to person. He or she may not have all the answers but they are always willing to help you find them, and this friend has connections that can send you on to another person who will better guide you to your goals.

3. The Teacher

You see this person as a mentor. He or she guides you through examples to make sure that lessons are being observed and acknowledged. This person has a humble wisdom used to guide you while still letting you make your own decisions.

4. The Therapist

This is the friend that you can share your deepest fears and secrets with, without being judged. People like this are great listeners, and they know you so well that they often know what you’re thinking and feeling without having to ask.

5. The Comedian

Having a friend around who can make you laugh, especially when you don’t want to, is extremely valuable. This person exudes joy and loves to entertain. The Comedian always find a way to turn bad situations around and keep you smiling.

Here are the five types of people you should avoid:

1. The Gossiper

This type of person will give you an earful every time you see them. They’ll talk about everything and everyone, which means they are most likely talking about you behind your back. The gossiper can be extremely toxic to your life.

2. The Complainer

The Complainer’s life is constantly full of some kind of stress and drama, and they feed on attention. When they can’t find anything left to complain about, they’ll start attacking you and your life, pointing out the negatives. Stay far away from the negative energy of the complainer.

3. The Super-Agreeable

When someone is overly agreeable, it’s usually a red flag. This type of person is passive-aggressive, and they seek approval by being hypercritical. They agree with everything you say but they don’t truly support you or care about you. The super agreeable person is only looking out for himself.

4. The Pessimist

This is the person that constantly brings everyone else down. No matter how great things are going or how positive the topic of conversation is, the pessimist will find a way to ruin the moment and push negative energy on everyone. This person is angry, resentful and bitter, and their negativity is toxic to be around.

5. The Know-It-All

Intelligence is a great quality, but when someone claims to be an expert in all things, he or she is most likely a con artist. They are often full of insecurities and want to feel superior to others. They will suck the life and positive energy right out of you.


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