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5 Remedies That Remove Phlegm & Mucus Fast

When mucus and phlegm build up in your nasal passages or throat, you feel just plain awful. You might experience a persistent cough, have trouble breathing or feel tightness in your chest. When you come down with a cold, your first thought might be the find the cold medicine in the back of your medicine […]


7 Reasons Why Maple Syrup Should Be Your Sweetener

Yep, maple syrup. We’re telling you that sweet, sticky substance that makes the perfect topping for waffles and pancakes should be your new choice in sweetener. It turns out that maple syrup has some pretty amazing health benefits that often get overlooked. Now before you grab your Aunt Jemima out of your cupboard and start […]


5-Year-Old Rushed To The Hospital After He Swallows This!

Many kids (and many adults) have a habit of eating as quickly as they can. If the food they’re eating comes in small pieces, they’re probably going to eat handfuls at a time. An Australian blogger recently shared a photo on her Facebook page to warn parents of the dangers of letting their young children […]


Anxiety Disorders Are Linked To This Type Of Abuse

As the saying goes, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” By now, most of us have figured out just how untrue that old saying is. Words can be extremely hurtful. It might be through bullying, cyberbullying or verbal abuse at the hands of a parent or spouse. Words […]


Drink This To Reduce Your Alzheimer’s Risk By 86%

If you’re a tea drinker, I have some fantastic news for you. In a recent study, scientists found evidence that drinking tea could drastically lower your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. If you’re not a tea drinker, it might be time to pick up the healthy habit! The Study The tea for Alzheimer’s study was […]


Rub This On Your Skin To Relieve Pain & Help You Sleep

If you have a physically demanding job or you stay active on a regular basis, you might experience sore muscles a little more often than you’d like to. Before reaching for over-the-counter pain meds or Icy Hot the next time your muscles are sore, consider trying a more natural approach – magnesium lotion. Magnesium For […]


This New Laser Therapy Destroys Cancer Without Harming Healthy Cells

If you haven’t been personally affected by cancer, chances are you know someone who has. After Dr. Hadiyah Green lost two loved ones to cancer, she set out to find a way to beat the deadly disease. Doctor Green’s Story Dr. Hadiyah Green was raised by her aunt and uncle in St. Louis, Missouri. After […]


This Is How To Relieve Stress, According To Your Zodiac Sign

What triggers your stress response? Whether it stems from work issues, relationship problems, or personal health, most people have experienced stress. ¬†And the specific triggers of stress vary for each Zodiac sign, as do how each sign best handles that stress. Some need to hit the gym or write poetry, while others¬†would do well to […]


6 Signs You’ve Found A Good Woman

It’s not easy to find a long-lasting relationship. Sometimes, that spark fizzles out. Other times, the two of you end up wanting different things and moving in different directions. So how do you know when you’ve truly found a keeper? It’s all in the signs. Here are six signs you’ve found a good woman: 1. […]


12-Year-Old Girl Dead After Using This Common Personal Care Product

Paige Daughtry passed away from using a personal care product that everyone has in their home. Her parents are left stunned after the death of their 12-year-old daughter. Doctors say Paige died from using too much deodorant. Paige’s Story Paige’s parents found her passed out and rushed her to the hospital. Despite attempts to save […]

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