David Avocado Wolfe went Live on Facebook with Galahad Clark, founder of Vivobarefoot. In the interview, David and Galahad talk about how Vivobarefoot shoes came to life and why going “barefoot” will help you embrace your human nature.

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What’s the Deal with Shoes?

Vivobarefoot was born out of the realization that shoes do more harm than good. Wait… What?

You see, in the days when shoes shifted from functional to fashionable, the upper echelon of society — particularly the men who rode horses — needed heeled shoes to fit securely in the stirrup. So shoes with heels represented high society, and they had to look the part.

vivobarefoot barefoot shoes men's pointy shoes

Even the story of the Elves and the Shoemaker celebrates these fine shoes, putting the idea of fashionable shoes in the minds of children.

Most of the shoes people wear today are descended from those. Even sneakers can have a narrow toe box and padded (and therefore raised) heels.

“Just getting back to putting your feet on the Earth is one of those complicated truths, where you don’t need arch support, you don’t need padding, you don’t need pronation control… Nearly all of it is snake oil, basically.”  ~ Galahad Clark

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But barefoot walking is about more than reversing fashion. Staying connected to the ground is crucial for our health, too.

The sensory input the brain receives from a bare foot connected to the ground supports cognitive health as well as posture and balance. Clearly, going barefoot strengthens more than just your feet!

Can You Really Go Barefoot?

Well, the short answer is Yes, of course. But as with most things, the answer is more complex.

First, humans walked the Earth barefoot for millennia. In that time, the foot evolved to withstand impact and to articulate over uneven terrain.

vivobarefoot barefoot hikingThen, of course, injuries, like lacerations on rocky terrain, spurned the invention of footwear. When humans shifted from fully barefoot to protected feet, they first created what we’d call slippers. They were very pliable and thin yet still allowed for grounding with the Earth. The sensory input didn’t go away, but some of the danger of foot injury did.

Unfortunately, with the advent of modern footwear, our feet have gotten soft, in more ways than one. Barefoot shoes allow us to return to a more natural experience:  connecting our feet to the ground we walk on.

The Grounding or Earthing movement also celebrates barefoot walking. Vivobarefoot shoes simply enable barefoot walking while protecting the foot.

When you can’t be barefoot, be Vivobarefoot.

Fortunately, Vivobarefoot has done their research and partnered with professionals to bring you not only barefoot shoes but also courses to make the switch to living Vivobarefoot even better. Visit their website HEREvivobarefoot.com/us.

Enjoy David Wolfe’s full interview with Galahad Clark! 👇🏼

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