Whether or not you have a certain four-legged furry friend of your own, you’ve probably seen a dog tilt its head from side to side at some point in your life. That sweet little habit where man’s best friend stares up at you with wide, innocent eyes while you’re standing in front of him rambling on about something, or nothing in particular.

We can probably all agree that the head tilt is adorable. But why do they do it? According to animal experts, it’s because they’re trying very hard to focus on something. It turns out that pups have the ability to understand our language and speech patterns, as well as our facial expressions and our body movements. When a dog tilts its head, it means he’s trying to understand what you’re saying!

The pitch of your voice serves as a clue to your canine. If you say “Do you want to go for a walk!?” in a happy, upbeat tone, your dog will likely take his cue from you and get excited as well. An excited, high-pitched tone lets your dog know that something he loves is coming next! It might be a treat, a toy or a walk around the neighborhood.

If your dog can sit, stay, come, roll over or recognize any other demands, it’s proof that your furry friend does indeed understand some human language. They might also understand words like no, toy, treat or walk.

You might be surprised to learn how much of your language your pup is able to pick up on! When you start talking to dog and he tilts his head, it’s a sign that he’s concentrating and trying to pick out words that he knows. He might not understand, “Hey buddy do you want to go for a…” but when you add “walk” you’ll see his ears perk up and his tail start to wag. You might even get an agreeable bark!

For many breeds, the muzzle might slightly hinder the dog’s view. The head tilt allows your pup to see better, in order to focus on your body language and hand gestures as you speak. It also allows them to hear better! The next time your dog does the adorable head tilt, enjoy the sweet sight and know that your furry friend is eager to communicate with you!

Check out the video below for more information!

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