If you subscribe to the belief of some form of reincarnation, have you ever thought about what animal you might come back as in the next life?  Or, perhaps, you won’t come back as an animal at all.  Instead, perhaps you will come back as another human being.  But who wants that when you could come back as a species you’ve never been before?

Of course, it very would could be that in a previous life, your soul has already inhabited an animal’s body.

It’s fun to think about, even if you don’t necessarily believe in reincarnation. If you want a hint as to what you might become after you die, take the simple and fun quiz below!

The quiz promises to reveal what animal you will become when you leave this life and go onto the next.

It will assess your answers and assign to you a corresponding creature. What will you become? Are you the take-charge type? Maybe you’ll be a wolf. Or, perhaps you’re shy, and prefer to be out of the limelight, like the mighty but isolated cougar.

Take the quiz now to find out what animal you will become in the next life!

The Aetherius Society