Are you a rock genius? How many rock music songs can you name that have a color in the title? There is an abundance of great rock music out there, and there is definitely no shortage of color rock song titles. Do you remember My Chemical Romance’s Welcome to the Black Parade? What about Grateful Dead’s Touch of Grey, Aerosmith’s Pink, or The Offspring’s Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)?  …All great songs, the kind you don’t mind having stuck in your head!

And of course, there are several more awesome “colorful” rock music titles—how many can you name?

If you think you can name other rock music titles that feature a color (or the absence or sum of colors, as the case may be), challenge yourself by taking the quiz below. For each slide, fill in the missing lyric by choosing the correct corresponding color option. Even if you don’t know all the answers, you’ll have fun, and by the time you’re done taking the quiz, you too will likely get a few good tunes stuck in your head.

So, great rockers of the world, are you up to the challenge?

Take this fun color quiz to determine if you are a rock music genius!

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