Has the time has come for you to brush up on your English vocabulary? You could always take a page from the book of rapper Eminem.  He spent hours studying the dictionary every night to improve his craft.  You could do the same, but why not first gauge where you are now? You can do so by taking a word association quiz like the one below.

Is your word association knowledge advanced enough to pass the quiz?

This word association quiz is not to be mistaken with free association, which although similar in some ways, is a different concept. Unlike free association quizzes, which has more or less no wrong answers, each of the slides on this word association quiz only has one correct answer.

The quiz will ask you for the synonyms and antonyms of a collection of words. Choose the correct answer and the quiz will grant you the esteemed title of “Certified English Wordsmith”.

Are you up to the challenge? Of course you are! Even if you’re not sure on the definition of each word, sometimes simply the sound or look of a word can evoke in us the correct meaning.

If you’re familiar with the meanings of the words antonym and synonym, you’re off to a great start. And if you were paying attention in English class or if you’re an avid reader, you will likely pass the quiz with flying colors!

Put your knowledge of the English language to the test by taking this word association quiz.


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