Wheels, including the spirituality wheel, has been used in various cultures to demonstrate beliefs, ideas, and schools of thought.  A wheel represents constant motion, connectedness, and eternity. And spirituality wheels are used to showcase the various associations  and connections between certain beliefs and ideas.

A spirituality wheel, both simple and complex, is comparable to the circle of life.

It’s very simple in certain terms, but when you more closely examine the finer details, it become complex and all linked together, like an intricate spider web.

However, there are no hard, fast rules as to what a spirituality wheel must revolve around. For this reason, it is something that is immensely universal and multi-dimensional. You could even make one of your own design.

The quiz below uses the concept of a spirituality wheel to indicate what your most dominant personality trait.

And in this particular quiz, there are four main personality traits. They include humor, kindness, prophecy, and true grit. What trait you are all depends on how you perceive things, make choices, and what characteristics you rely on the most. These things all relate back to your dominant personality trait.

Let the quiz use a spirituality wheel to reveal what your most dominant trait is!