Even if you don’t realize it, you are probably getting signals from the body language of those around you. In the same way, your own body language is an important factor in the way others read you. Poor body language can make you seem dishonest or uninterested, even if your words make you seem friendly and open. Your posture is part of your body language, which allows it to reveal a lot about who you are and what you’re thinking.

Here are five different seating positions and what they say about your personality:

Position A

If you keep your knees together but turn your toes inward when you sit, you are most likely creative and charismatic. At times, you can be a little childish. You might forget to think before your speak, but in general, others see you as a happy person. You have a tendency to avoid problems in your life, but the good news is you’re far from boring.

Position B

Do you have a habit of crossing your legs while seated? If so, you might be a dreamer. People who cross their legs often have strange and creative ideas that cause others to think in a different way. It’s likely that your imagination is incredibly powerful. You are restless when you stay in one place for too long, which applies to jobs, relationships and everything else in your life. Your abundance of friends is a product of your friendly nature.

Position C

If you sit with your legs apart, it might mean you have trouble concentrating on important tasks due to your own chaos. Whether it’s your work, home life, relationships, friends or family members, there always seems to be some kinda of drama circling you. But instead of drowning in it, you use it to motivate you to do better. You also tend to be a creature of comfort. Jeans a t-shirt always wins out over dress clothes.

Position D

People who sit with their legs straight are often neat and intelligent, but they can be rather sensitive. This sitting position is a sign that you’d rather avoid conflict and keep your feelings to yourself. You may be someone who likes to hide in your insecurities, but you also aren’t afraid to come out and set someone straight if they feel you’ve done something wrong. This position can indicate that you’re a little tense, but you’re ready to take action if needed.

Position E

Sitting with your legs together angled at one side suggests you are a person who believes that everything has a time and place. You’re seeking to establish your education and career before moving on to anything else. You set your goals high and you work hard to achieve them. You enjoy dressing nicely because you think appearances are important. Even though you let others believe that you don’t mind criticism, it hurts you when others put you down.

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