Many cultures worldwide cherish flowers and their varied meanings, although a fresh bouquet is not everyone’s cup of tea. But whether you love flowers or hate them, you still might know the many meanings each blossom has to offer. For example, many associate roses with love romance, although each color can signify even more specific meanings. And the aster symbolizes patience, as well as elegance and daintiness.

But if you were a flower, which one would you be?

The question brings to mind the scene in Alice in Wonderland where the garden flowers ask Alice what sort of flower she is. Alice, of course, insists she isn’t a flower at all, but a girl. The garden’s response is anything but pleasant! But, don’t worry. If you’re no sort of flower at all, we certainly won’t accuse you of being a weed!

The quiz below, however, will tell you what sort of blossom you most strongly embody.

Perhaps you’re like the tulip, destined for fame. Or maybe you’d rather have a life outside of the spotlight, like the bashful peony. If others know you for your strength of character and honor, then you are perhaps most comparable to the gladiolus.

Just like people or any other species on Earth, there are a wealth of blossom varieties in the world. Some have pleasant scents, others have no scent at all. And, of course, some don’t smell good at all! Some are gorgeous and rare, others are wild and free.

What kind of flower are you? Take this quiz now to reveal the answer!

The Flower Expert