Ever since being offended became a big business, it seems everyone’s looking for something to be outraged about.

But what happens when the group you’re trying to defend from “bigotry” steps in and tells you to sit down and shut up???

Well, this is exactly what happened on Tumblr after one user found and posted an image of a young girl celebrating her birthday with a Japanese event:

Just one problem: the girl was white, and that apparently makes her guilty of “cultural appropriation”—the act of embracing and engaging in a foreign culture, which for some reason is deemed “disrespectful.”

“Teach children that this is not ok,” wrote the angered Tumblr user, “…I’m really not understanding why you think cultural appropriation would be ok, unless you are assuming that the girl in the picture is part Japanese.”

But unfortunately for this professional outrage-peddler, the allegations of racism were quickly shut down—by a Japanese woman:

“Yellow face yet she’s using white makeup in the traditional style but okay,” she writes, “Cultural appropriation isn’t a thing, hon. Cultures should be shared by all means.”

Quickly responding, the outrage-peddler writes, “I disagree. The makeup is clearly reflective of traditional Geisha makeup which is yellowface and therefore racist.”

She adds, “Furthermore, the girl is wearing a kimono, a garment that has for ages carried cultural significance. Assuming that she is white how can you think this is ok?”

Unfinished, she finally concludes with a lesson on cultural appropriation, asking how anyone could doubt its existence, “What rock do you live under? I suggest you educate yourself on the differences between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation.”

And now, it’s time for the ultimate mic drop by the Japanese woman, who responds, “I am Japanese, in Japan at this very moment. The only people who think culture shouldn’t be shared are racists like you.”

“A vast majority of Japanese people actually enjoy other people making and effort to spread and enjoy Japanese culture, and encourage it,” she writes, “Many make businesses in deliberately taking pictures of people in Kimono.

“A common omiage (gift) for foreigners from Japanese people is traditional Japanese things such as kimonos, tea seats, shisa dog statues, etc.

“And to top it off, basically 80 percent of Japanese customs, traditions, and food, came from other countries.

“Japanese is an integration of different cultures, like America. Japan takes influences from places like Korea, China, Russia, and Europe. If Japan stuck to itself, there would be no tempura, Japanese tea, tea ceremonies, kabuki, Japanese bread, Japanese curry, j-pop, anime, cars, or modern fishing techniques.

“The picture is not ‘yellow face’ they are not making fun of Asians. In fact, it looks like they put extra care and research into their work.

“The only reason that you have a problem with this is because that little girl is white and you know that it is acceptable on Tumblr to crap all over white people.

“The only racist here is you.”

Reactions from others on Tumblr tell you all there is to know about this epic mic drop:

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