It’s not always easy to list your own strengths. Doing so can require stepping outside of yourself in order to get as much of an objective view of yourself as possible. This can prove to be difficult when you’re in the midst of your own thoughts and habitual actions.

But when you know your greatest strengths you have an undeniable advantage in life.

Knowing your strengths—and weaknesses— helps you to know your current limitations. It also helps you to know where to focus your energy and what areas need improvement.  This can save you from a lot of heartache and wrong turns–although, of course, the wrong turns can help you to discover your strengths and weaknesses.  It’s all part of the journey of self-discovery.  Learning your strengths is a process of trial and error.

And to be sure, knowing your strengths is a strength in and of itself.
When asked, often the strengths we list about ourselves come from the input of other people. But, of course, how we view ourselves isn’t always how others view us. Either way, knowing yourself is crucial. Socrates asserted that self-knowledge is so valuable that other pursuits are to be considered laughable unless one has it. And there are a multitude of ways to attain such a goal.

If you’re not sure what your greatest strength is, try taking the quiz down below. Based on the pictures you choose, the quiz will determine your greatest strength. Maybe you have a way with people that others don’t, which implies your greatest strength might be your charm. Or perhaps you are on the proactive side, preferring to take charge of your life with your amazing ambition. If you take a meeker approach to life, maybe your greatest strength is humility.

So, do you know your greatest strength? Is it charm, ambition, or humility? Or is it something else entirely?

Take this picture quiz now to determine your greatest strength!


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