The incredible story behind a unique tombstone is making waves online, with thousands of people remarking on the sheer beauty behind its backstory.

According to The Daily Mail, the tombstone in question was built in 2000 by Ernest and Anneke Robinson in memory of their paralyzed son Matthew who died at just 10 years of age.

The Huffington Post reports that Ernest designed the tombstone as a display of the happiness he wanted for Matthew.

According to The Daily Mail, Ernest and Anneke’s honoring of their son didn’t stop with the tombstone. The couple also started Ability Found, an organization whose website states it “provides mobility and other adaptive equipment to people in need.”

Learn more about what Ability Found does – and how Ernest and Anneke turned their sorrow into inspiration – below.

Earlier today, a Reddit user posted the story of Matthew’s gravestone on the social media site.

As of writing, the post has landed on the front page with more than 54,000 upvotes and thousands of heartfelt comments.

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