Your brain, on a regular basis, fills in missing information. Much of the time this occurs without your conscious knowledge. It’s one of the human brain’s remarkable abilities. If you see cookie crumbs on your toddler’s face, your brain fills in the missing information pertaining to “who swiped the cookie from the cookie jar?” And the same concept applies when you see erased words in the middle of sentence.

The context of the rest of the sentence can give you a clue about what that erased words might be.

Since this ability happens instantly and without conscious knowledge or intent, it can be difficult to identify this capability’s occurrence. And by default, it can be extremely hard to control it. It’s often a knee-jerk reaction, which can often land us into trouble and misunderstandings.  Filling in missing information is what leads to us jumping to conclusions and accusing others of things they didn’t do.

However, what if your task was to purposefully fill in the information? Would you be able to do so with accuracy?
The quiz below will show you a series of incomplete words; parts of them have been erased. The question is, can your mind fill in the missing pieces?

Take the quiz to see whether or not your brain can fill in the missing information:


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