Animals, whether cute and cuddly or toothy and dangerous, each come with their own species traits. For example, most people associate foxes as being sly and crafty, while cats are known for being independent and indifferent. The question is, if you were an animal, which one would you be?

The quiz below will reveal, based on your preferences and personality traits, which animal you are.

Maybe you’re wise like an owl, or loyal like a dog. Or are you hyper and vigilant, like a squirrel or chipmunk? Those who are fun and maybe a little sneaky are, according to this quiz, comparable to something a bit surprising—a bat!

So, which animal most closely matches your personality? Even if you see yourself as a reclusive cat or friendly dog, your results might still surprise you. There are often facets of our own personalities we tend to overlook. While you might see yourself as an owl, you may have an inner fox dwelling inside of you!

Find out your animal personality now by taking this fun and simple quiz!