Many people, when faced with existential questions, turn their faces to the sky for answers.   They lean on astrology to guide their paths.  Astrology, a metaphysical study, asserts that the planets and stars alignment have an undeniable effect on human lives.  Whether you ascribe to such a belief or not, it can be insightful to pay attention to what your Zodiac sign is saying to you.  You just might learn something about yourself, or maybe you won’t.  Either way, it Zodiac readings can be fun!  And most people are aware of their sun Zodiac sign, which represents our more conscious and active selves. But what about your moon sign?

The moon sign, lesser known by the masses, represents your true intentions and your inner disposition.

It shows you your subconscious self and will reveal to you things that you might not have known about yourself.  What truths are lurking within your inner self?  Do you know yourself as well as you thought you did?  Of course, with the passing of time and the gaining of experiences, there are always new things to discover about the way you tick.

And why not see if you can learn something new about yourself right now?  You can start by discovering what your true moon Zodiac sign is.  All you have to do is spare a few minutes of your time and take the simple quiz below.  The quiz which will ask you a few questions about yourself, such as the season and year in which you were born, as well as the time.

Have fun, and be sure to share with your friends!  Take the quiz now to reveal your true moon Zodiac sign: