A psychopath can be almost impossible to spot. They often appear incredibly charismatic on the outside, because they are masters of manipulation. They put on a show for the people around them in order to appear friendly, trustworthy, and likable. The truth is, a psychopath enjoys putting other people down. They feel no empathy toward others, believing the world revolves around them. In order to protect yourself from being lied to, used and manipulated, discover these several key traits to help you spot hidden psychopaths when you meet them.

Here are seven ways to spot hidden psychopaths:

1. They Feel No Empathy

A psychopath feels no empathy for others. They don’t understand other people’s emotions or care if they are upset. You can spot a psychopath by noticing how a person reacts to other people’s pain or misfortune.

spot hidden psychopaths

2. They Enjoy Making People Feel Guilty

A psychopath will never admit when they are wrong. They are pros at using manipulation tactics to twist other people’s words around and make every situation seem like someone else’s fault. They actually enjoy making people feel guilty for things that they’ve done.

3. They Only Care About Themselves

A psychopath won’t think twice about stepping on someone else to get ahead. The health or well-being of others never even occurs to them. In any situation, they’ll choose to do what benefits them, regardless of who they’re hurting. You may discover you’re in a relationship with an emotional psychopath too late.

spot hidden psychopaths

4. They Lie

A psychopath cannot be trusted. They lie in order to manipulate others into getting what they want or making other people think they’re someone they’re not. They feel a sense of pride with every lie they make someone else believe.

5. They Think They’re Better Than Everyone Else

Psychopaths feel that they are truly superior to those around them, which is why they never feel any guilt. They believe that they are smarter, more capable, more attractive, more important… the list goes on.

spot hidden psychopaths

6. They Are Charismatic

Psychopaths are often hard to spot because they can be incredibly charismatic. They find a way to get along with almost everyone, by lying, manipulating and putting on a show for others. They often seem incredibly friendly and approachable, until you see who they really are.

7. They Don’t Take Responsibility For Their Actions

A psychopath refuses to take responsibility for their actions. Whether they drop the ball at work, stand someone up or instigate an argument, they will always maintain that whatever went wrong is not their fault, and quickly find someone else to blame.

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