It’s no secret that the colors to which you are drawn can say a lot about your personality. People who like green are said to be peaceful, and those who prefer red are said to be passionate or outgoing. And those who like yellow might be described as happy or having positive disposition. But what about the traits that lurk beneath the first layers of personality? Here dwells your shadow self, the part of you that stays with you but isn’t always visible. Our conscious color choices can indicate a wealth of information hiding within our subconscious minds.

The quiz below will reveal what color your shadow self is.

And the color of your shadow self may or may not be your favorite color – or even one that empowers you. But we think you’ll find the description that goes along with your color to be accurate.

So what’s hiding in your subconscious mind? What traits are there, that you may or may not be aware of? While you might have a pretty good grip on who it is you are, this quiz just might offer you more insight.

Now, let’s find out: what color is your shadow self? Perhaps it’s black, but not in the obvious sense. Although your shadow, at first glance, is dark, a deeper look will reveal an abundance of creativity, passion, and limitless possibilities. There is still a lot you can learn about yourself, and you can do so by taking the quiz below.

Take this simple quiz now to reveal what the color of your shadow self is:

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