Colors have a unique power. Throughout history, color has been used to express a slew of emotions, virtues and concepts. Each one has a different meaning, and the meaning can vary from culture to culture, or from individual to individual. Colors have a way of speaking to us, of grabbing onto our thoughts and emotions in a meaningful way.

In many facets of our lives, color has a remarkable ability to empower us and keep us moving forward.

And while you may prefer yellow, green, or blue, the hue that empowers you the most may not necessarily be your favorite on spectrum. The quiz below goes beyond favorites; based on your answers, it will assign to you a color that empowers you the most. So while you may haven an affinity for purple, your result just might be your least favorite, yellow. But chances are, you will find that your result is spot-on with your personality.

Even if your result isn’t one of your favorite colors, you should nonetheless consider adding a splash of it to your wardrobe. If that option doesn’t appeal to you, purchase or create a decorative item for your home or work space that features your result. The influence it has on your life might surprise you.

Take the quiz to reveal your power color now:


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