I guarantee you that few Internet quizzes are as informative as the one I’m about to show you.

It’s known as the ‘”cube personality test” and it was developed by Japanese psychologists in the year 2000. The quiz was first published in the best-selling book “Kokology” by Japanese author Tadahiko Nagao.

The book is filled with various psychological games designed to help people learn about themselves. The cube personality test is one of the most popular exercises from the book.

What makes it so special?

Well, unlike most other personality quizzes, the cube test forces you to dive into your subconscious to pick up on things you might not even be aware of.

As such, you get a much deeper and more realistic look at who you are.

Ready to give it a shot?

Let’s dive in!

I’m going to present you with a few prompts. Feel free to sketch out what you see in your head as you work through them.

First, imagine you’re in a desert. The desert is incredibly large. Sitting in the desert is a cube.

Do you see it? How big is the cube? Where exactly is it? Is it buried in the sand or is it sitting on top? Is it floating? How big is it? Is the cube moving? What’s it made of?

Think about it for a bit, then move onto the next prompt.

As you’re observing the cube, you begin to notice that there’s also a ladder in the desert.

What’s the ladder made of? How long is it? Is it an old ladder? Where is it in relation to the cube?

Now imagine that a horse has appeared in the desert.

Is the horse moving at all? If so, in which direction? What does it look like?

If you’re sketching this out, don’t worry if you can’t draw a horse all that well. Don’t be afraid to scribble a little note describing what you can’t draw. You’re still cool, I promise.

Next, imagine flowers in this desert.

How many flowers can you see? Where are they in relation to the other objects in the desert? Where are they growing from?

I hope you brought an umbrella – a thunderstorm is coming!

Can you see it? Is the wind strong? Is the storm far away, or are you right in the thick of it? Is the storm affecting the horse, flowers, cube or ladder at all?

What does it all mean?

The magic question. I’m glad you asked.

The cube represents your ego.


If the cube you’ve envisioned is large, you’re likely a very confident person. If it’s small, you’re most likely shy and modest.

If the cube is dug into the ground, it means you are a planner that thinks far into the future. If the cube is sitting on top of the ground, that means you’re a very businesslike thinker.

A cube that is moving signifies that you are someone who thinks out of the box and avoids convention.

The ladder signifies your friends.



If you’ve envisioned the ladder touching the cube, this means you’re very connected to your friends and rely on them for support. If the ladder is detached, this means you prefer to be independent.

If the ladder is below the cube, your friends see you as an authority figure. If the cube is on the same level, you and your friends are equals. If the ladder is above the cube, this means you see your friends as authority figures in your life.

If the ladder is short, this means you prefer keeping a small circle of friends. If it’s a long ladder, you’re an extrovert with many friends and acquaintances.

The horse is your ideal partner.


If the horse you imagined is a strong workhorse, that means your ideal partner is hardworking and reliable. If you’ve imagined a more delicate horse, that means your ideal partner is likely someone who takes pride in his or her appearance and enjoys being pampered.

If the horse is far away from the cube or moving in the opposite direction, this means you’re distant from your present partner or far from attaining your ideal one.

The flowers represent your children.


The number of flowers you imagined represent the number of children you would like to have. If the flowers are close to the cube, it means you desire a close relationship with your kids – or already have one.

If the flowers are far from the cube, this means you do not value having a close relationship with your kids.

The thunderstorm represents your fears.


Is the storm you imagined far off in the distance? That means you’re living life with little worry. If the storm is close to the cube, you’re ready to face conflict.

If the storm is directly over the cube, your troubles are overwhelming you right now.

How did the results turn out for you? Are they accurate?

Let us know in the comments! Pass this post along to your friends to see how they do!

Looking to take the quiz in video form? Check out this clip from BuzzFeedVideo!