What makes you angry? On the highway of rage, some people go from zero to sixty instantaneously. Then there are those who stew for awhile and bottle their feelings inside, which ultimately results in a nasty explosion of their wrath. Some disappear when they’re angry, avoiding the confrontation altogether. Others don’t show their anger at all, even though they feel it. Instead, they become deeply saddened or depressed. Knowing what makes each Zodiac sign tick, including what makes them angry, can help you to maintain a healthy relationship with them, whether it be personal or working. You might discover an insight or two about yourself, as well.

Here is how each Zodiac sign behaves when they become angry:


Aries, the baby of the zodiac, is known to explode without considering how their actions will affect those around them. They aren’t one to sugarcoat feelings. If an Aries is angry at you, you better watch out. However, they will typically cool down quickly and subsequently feel sorry about their outburst— but that won’t keep them from erupting again later on.


It is easy to anger a Taurus due to their lack of patience. A Taurus also hates being caught off guard by anything sudden and unexpected. The instability of it makes them anxious and as a result, aggressive. It takes them awhile to recover, too, and they like to be alone when this happens.


Geminis excel at making themselves angry when they have no valid reason to be angry. They can over-think something trivial into a gigantic problem and blow it out of proportion. The Gemini deals with anger by tucking it far away in their minds, then they channel their energy into something else.


When times are tough, Cancers get extremely clingy and emotional. That being said, nothing else angers them quite like someone who doesn’t put in the effort to support them. What they see as a lack of understanding causes them to be insecure. From there, they spiral into a deep depression. A Cancer will sever ties with people they view as bad friends, so if you value their friendship, give them a reason to trust you.


You will know it when this sign is angry. The Leo wears their emotions on their sleeves for all the world to see. Usually their anger has to do with hurt pride. However, just as quickly as they’re prone to blow up, they settle right back down and move on. It’s best to give them space and let them go through the motions.


When they’re stewing, Virgos will lash out at those around them. And if you say the wrong thing or push their buttons, they will lay into you without mercy. Their harsh outbursts often push people away. This can make things all the more difficult because Virgo’s themselves become distant and cool after their explosions.


Libras dominate in the art of suppressing negative emotions.  Eventually those emotions bubbles to the surface, however, or something angers the the Libra  just so, and that causes them to explode and unleash their bitterness in extremely unpleasant ways.


Simply put, Scorpios are very just plain mean when they’re angry. They say hurtful things and at time will take it a little too far. They unleash their wrath on others by trying to ruin their lives. It’s best to avoid them when they’re in the middle of an anger streak.


It is difficult to anger a Sagittarius. Instead, they tend to become depressed or sad. When they’re around people, they act happy and upbeat, but if they’re sad, they will withdraw. However, since they prefer alone time as it is, it can be hard to tell when they’re in a funk. If you suspect something is off, just ask them in a straightforward manner if something is bothering them.


Capricorns push others away when they’re upset—their main defense is avoidance and isolation.  They will bury themselves in their work as a means to  detach from the rest of the world.   They lack a sense of humor when they’re angry, so do not attempt to use jokes to pull them out of it.  It will cause them to become hostile.


Aquarians love deep, thought-provoking conversation and enjoy a good debate, but they loathe arguments. If you’ve angered them, don’t expect them to stick around. They’d rather go for a long walk or drive than sit and stew in their emotions. However, if they must deal with the situation right then, they’ll do so with finesse and class. They don’t like to show people their emotions, so you’ll likely get a calm and collected conversation than a shouting match.


When it comes to anger and resentment, Pisces are their own worst enemy. They have a bad habit of making themselves angry by rehashing old painful memories and traumatic experiences. This can cause a bitter, angry demeanor to replace their usually chill, lighthearted outlook. If you can, try to break their cycle of negative thoughts. This will help get them out of their funk.

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