Your Egyptian Zodiac sign can tell you a lot about yourself and reveals hidden personality traits…

While many people are aware of what their traditional Zodiac sign signifies for them most do not know about the Egyptian Zodiac. The Ancient Egyptian version of the Zodiac unlocks many secrets to your subconscious based upon your birth sign. Figure out what your ancient Egyptian Zodiac sign is here.

The Nile ~ Jan 1-7 / Jun 19-28 / Sep 1-7 / Nov 18-26

You are likely very determined and hard-working much like the Nile river itself. You are constantly working towards your goals and over time you can achieve anything. The powerful sign of the Nile river reflects on your ambition.

Amun-Ra ~ Jan 8-21 / Feb 1-11


Amun-Ra is known as the god of wind or the god of gods. Amun-Ra is very powerful, just as you can be. Your best traits are your self-confidence and courage. You make an  ideal leader and the role comes naturally to you.

Mut ~ Jan 22-31 / Sep 8-22


Mut is the queen of the gods and the lady of heaven. You are sensitive and shy. However, you are also very kind, generous, and thoughtful. You are also sensitive and patient. You are protective of the ones you love.

Geb ~ Feb 12-29 / Aug 20-31


Geb is the god of the earth and was responsible for plants being able to grow. You are likely endearing, honest, and hard-working. You are a genuine person, the salt of the earth. You can be relied on just as people have relied on earth to provide for them.

Osiris ~ Mar 1-10 / Nov 27-Dec 18


Osiris is the god of death and the afterlife. You are likely very smart and quick-witted. Your ideal profession would be to run a business of your own. You are good at managing things and you are a good judge of character.

Isis ~ Mar ~ 11-31 / Oct 18-29 / Dec 19-31


Isis is the god of health, marriage, and wisdom. You are likely very idealistic and you are proud of the many things you have accomplished.

Thoth ~ Apr 1-19 / Nov 8-17

Thoth is the god of knowledge and the god of the moon. You are likely very wise and a good problem-solver. You enjoy puzzles and challenging philosophical questions. You enjoy reading and studying because you value knowledge highly.

Horus ~ Apr 20-May 7 / Aug 12-19

Horus is the god of the sky and kingship. You are likely a risk-taker and you shoot for the skies. You are very confident and you have high aspirations. Horus is fitting because your aspirations have your head high in the clouds and you see yourself as a king in the making.

Anubis ~ May 8-27 / June 29 – July 13

Anubis is the god of cemeteries and embalming. You likely enjoy a peaceful and quiet life. You enjoy solitude and quiet, calm reflection. You are dutiful and respectful in everything you do. People enjoy being around you because of the calming aura you provide.

Seth ~ May 28 – June 19 / September 29 – October 2

Seth or “Set” is the god of storms, evil, chaos, and war. You are an extrovert and you are very outgoing. You can sometimes be described as a social butterfly and you thrive in social situations. You are open, warm, and approachable.

Bastet ~ July 13-28 / September 23-27 / October 3-17

Bastet is the goddess of cats, protection, joy, music, and family. You are a diplomat. You stay away from confrontation and you see to bring resolution to conflicts around you. Bastet is the goddess of protection and that resonates with your personality. You have a desire to protect people.

Sekhmet ~ July 29 – August 11 / October 30 – November 7

Sekhmet is the god of fire, fertility, and healing. You are kind and caring. You are fair in everything you do because you believe in justice. You are also very talkative and honest with people. People often confide in you because of this.