Three of the twelve Zodiac signs have the strongest intuition of all – is your astrological sign on the list?

The Zodiac sign is a window into the soul and reveals the inner-most hidden traits of the person born under that sign. The power of the Zodiac reveals the people who are born with the strongest natural intuition. Three signs in particular are known for having the strongest intuition of all. The inner voice of these three signs speaks to them so clearly that they can trust their gut in just about everything. Having a strong intuition is a wonderful gift. Does your astrological sign have the gift of intuition?

#1 Scorpio

You are so passionate that your gut is like a second brain constantly operating at full capacity. You have a great ability of being able to read other people and find out their true intentions. Your own ruthlessness causes you to be very cautious with new people. However, you are such a good judge of character, your intuition often finds the best qualities in people. Your intuition is also good at identifying fake friends faster than the average person. You have a great sense of who someone really is and you can see right through people when they’re being fake. You’re like a walking lie-detector test and people hardly ever manage to fool you.

#2 Sagittarius

The Sagittarius is intuitive when they are able to meditate and reflect upon their situation. You find that you may not make the best snap judgement but when you are left alone to meditate upon the decision you often find the right solution. Many times you decide to sleep on a decision and wake up the next morning with a clear vision for the path ahead. Even though you have access to this amazing intuition, you don’t always use it and sometimes you throw caution to the wind simply due to your nature. Sometimes your intuition just tells you that it’s best to play things by ear and that is more than okay for you.

#3 Pisces

As a Pisces, you are naturally very intuitive and intellectual.  You are always very reflective, contemplative, and thoughtful. You feel like you have a spiritual connection to the people you meet in your day to day life. This connection you feel with people tells you a lot about them. A Pisces is always open-minded and follows their heart. For a Pisces their intuition flows straight from the heart. You know you can always trust your heart because your heart is your biggest strength.