Are you happy? This might be a loaded question, or maybe not. Depending on who’s asking, maybe the answer is a simple and resounding ‘yes’.  You might think you are happy, but there could be unresolved or painful issues your brain has stashed away, creating underlying unhappiness.

With that in mind, are you as happy as you think you are—or are claiming to be?

Some people excel at hiding their misery away behind a fake smile. According to Dr. Cosmo Hallstrom, this is known as ‘Smiling depression. It’s is a term often used to refer to a patient who you think is depressed, but doesn’t look it and often won’t admit it.

These people tell you, says Hallstrom,“No, I’m not depressed” — and they smile. But it’s a sad smile.”

It’s easy to convince yourself that you are happy—and with all the troubles life has to offer, sometimes “fake it ’til you make it” is the best approach. But in your life, there might be a situation that you’ve permitted yourself to settle for, convincing yourself you are happy as is. But chances are, you deserve better!

So, are you truly as happy as you think you are?  This quiz could offer you some insight on the matter.

Take this quiz to reveal what your brain might be hiding from you!