Are you ruled by your hands, your head, or your heart? This may be a difficult question for some, but the answer could teach you a little something about yourself.

Those who are ruled by their hands may be more likely to do than speak. Hands are made for doing things. It would make sense that hand people are doers and creators.

People who are ruled by their heads tend to think before they act. They like order, logic, and planning before actions. Head people are thinkers, plain and simple.

Some who are ruled by their hearts may concern themselves with emotions. They like compassion, understanding, and inclusiveness. Those who are ruled by their hearts are more likely to be caregivers or peacemakers.

What are you? Take this quiz and find out!

I am ruled by my hands, and that makes sense. I love to do and create things and show people how to do things better.

This is one of my favorite quizzes, and I hope you enjoyed it as well!

What are you ruled by?

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(h/t: Brightside)