THIS Is What Your Hand Size Says About Your Personality!

Your hands are incredibly useful – and complicated!

27 bones, 29 joints and 123 ligaments. That’s what makes all the gripping, communicating and investigating you use your hands for possible.

Here’s another way your hands are helpful – indicating your personality!

It’s all in your genes. Your DNA has a lot to say about your physical traits like hand size and your personality traits as well.

Ready to find out what this means for you? Great! First, let’s measure your hands.


No, put the tape measure away. The absolute size of your hands is irrelevant here; what we’re looking for is the relative size!

Form a 45º angle with your left arm and elbow. Then, take your right hand and place your thumb on the inside of your elbow. Stretch your hand upwards towards your wrist. If you can reach it, you’ve got large hands. If not, you and I are in the same small-handed boat.

hand size personality FI


What do small hands mean?

If you’ve got small hands, you’re likely a risk taker with an adventurous and free spirit. Although that might land you in rough water at times, your problem-solving skills help get you back to shore.

When it comes to relationships, yours tend to lean towards the dramatic side of things.

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What do large hands mean?

If you’ve got large hands, you’re likely a perfectionist. You concentrate on the little details of projects and don’t mind pushing against deadlines a bit if it means getting things done right.

Large hands also mean that you’re a bit more sensitive, especially to criticism.

What about shape?


Chirognomy is the department of palmistry that interprets hand shape.

If you’ve got a square palm, you are a logical person who’s likely very good at math. You don’t pay too close attention to your intuition. You instead prefer to rely on concretes.

Got a rectangular palm? You’re more on the intuitive side of things. You solve problems by going with your gut, even if the facts might be pointing you in a totally different direction.

Want to learn more about the art of palmistry? Check out this book by Ellen Goldberg and Dorian Bergen!



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Valdoria - August 3, 2016

For my size, I know I have small hands since my friends wear bigger gloves than I do and honestly, my hands are pretty much the smallest of my friends. However, I played piano as a kid and have short arms so using this chart it states I have big hands.

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