Although this fun key quiz has no scientific basis, the results may still surprise you. Your task is simple:

All you must do is select a key from the options below.

Based on what’s dwelling within your subconscious, your key choice will describe your personality. While it might be tempting to click on the first option you see (for the sake of curiosity), refrain from doing so. Scroll through all of the options and then choose the one that most resonates with you. Many have reported that the results are spot-on. Flip the card you have chosen to see your results.

Of course, once you’ve clicked on your first choice, you will likely be tempted to reveal what is hiding beneath every option. If so, why not choose a second key, and see if the results coincide with any of your secondary personality traits?

While your results may or may not be spot-on, there is still a reason why you chose the option that you did. Think on it for a while. Perhaps your choice can still unlock a secret hiding within your subconscious.

Choose a key from the options below and discover your true self!

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