Emotions, whether you like it or not, dictate your actions. True, with work, you can keep your emotions in check, which can stop you from making horrible decisions.

But either way, ultimately, emotions can’t be ignored. They can help guide us in the journey of life.

And sometimes the actions we take, while not always bad, are almost always influenced by emotions.

Emotions tell you when something is off; that bad “gut-feeling” you get about a person or a situation. They are instantaneous. When you look at a piece of art, you might get a strong feeling about it, and decide to purchase it for your home.

Or when you see a cute child or animal, you might also get emotional in association with such a sight; joy, inspiration, or maybe bitterness. Such a sight might make you burn with longing for a child or puppy of your own.

Based on your emotional reactions for various pictures, the quiz below will reveal what your true personality is:


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