There are countless ways to describe someone’s personality.  …Timid, outgoing, reckless, boisterous, cynical, type A, type B, and so on and so forth.  While you’ve heard all of these descriptions before, it doesn’t hurt to see what other unknown facets might be hiding within your true self.     It can be, after all, difficult to objectively describe yourself to someone else.   And, how you see yourself might not be how others see you. The human being is a complex creature.

That being said, do you know the things about your personality that make you truly you?

Everyone likes to learn things about themselves.  And you are better off learning all you can about how you work, strengths and weaknesses alike. Learning how you tick can help you obtain success, or whatever else it is you may be looking for, in this great big world.

So, if you’re curious (you know you are!), the quiz below will reveal what your true personality type is:


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