Generally speaking, society values people who can write, read, configure mathematical equations, and speak. But if a person can’t do these things so well, we often don’t recognize how brilliant they actually are. Consider the SAT and ACT, the arduous college entrance exams.

Neither one of them includes a segment for those who are visually intellectual.

There are people, kids, even, who can take apart machines and put them back together in record time. It takes a special kind of intelligence to be able to do that kind of thing.

Visual intellectuals have an incredible ability to understand what they see, analyze and calculate it immediately.

Furthermore, if they know how to be patient you need to be, those with visual intelligence will be more likely to shine. That means they have the ability to stay calm when processing information. They can easily concentrate and come to the correct conclusion rather than just picking an answer at random.

The quiz below will determine whether or not you are a visual intellectual by analyzing your ability to correctly choose which colored square is in the center.

Are you visually intellectual? Find out now by taking this simple quiz: