If there is one thing we all need and want more of in this high paced age of technology, it’s energy. Real energy. Not the kind of false energy that comes from consuming external stimulants, pushing to the point of total exhaustion, or having to resort to ‘disconnecting’ from the world as it simply gets too much – the energy I’m talking about is the pure high energy that is within YOU.

How can you tap into that reservoir of vitality, stimulate it and have it carry you throughout your day?

Welcome to the magic of Kundalini energy. Kundalini is potent, powerful, beautiful, magical, healing energy that is inside of you. It is a pool of energy coiled up waiting for you to tap into it and awaken it – thus bringing more colour into your world.

Some side effects you’ll experience when the Kundalini Shakti awakens within is pure joy, bubbles of happiness, true sense of connectedness, self-love, creativity, vitality, energy, sexual potency, laughter, aligning with your destiny or true sense of purpose, dropping away negative habitual patterns, radiance and glowing skin, more synchronicity, balance, mental alertness, and a sense of falling deeply in love.

The Kundalini Shakti energy when raised up and kept up simply makes your life way more enjoyable!!

I want to share one exercise you can do daily to raise this Kundalini energy. The physical benefits include strong-toned pelvic floor and transverses abdominal muscles resulting in flatter, leaner abdominal muscles, a strong sexual system, toned nervous system, invigorated inner organs, increased flexibility within the spine and a beautiful release of Kundalini energy to heal and regenerate every organ & cell.

Traditionally this power exercise is called ‘Sat Kriya’ – it’s a classical Kriya in the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Raising the kundalini energy is safe when practicing this ancient exercise.

It works primarily on the lower chakras – the first, second and third chakras. Referred to as the lower triangle, Sat Kriya has the ability to transcend deeply entrenched wounds from our early life. It is also powerful also in healing mental and psychological imbalances. I’ve seen amazing transformations happen when people commit to practicing this exercise correctly daily.

Get ready to feel energized throughout the day and experience an uncoiling of your authentic self. You’ll stand taller walking on a strong balanced foundation.

Before practicing this exercise please tune-in with the Adi Mantra three times out loud. Chant ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO. This will bring you into a sacred devotional space and will ensure you are guided by your own inner wisdom and not personal ego.


Posture – Sit on your heels in Rock Pose (Vajrasana).

Mudra – Interlace your fingers and extend your Index fingers to point straight up. Thumbs are crossed. Now stretch your arms up above your head so that the upper arms are hugging your ears. Stretch the arms fully from your armpits so your elbows are straight. Draw the shoulder blades down so the shoulders are not squeezing up. The mudra is directly over the top of your head.

Eye Focus – Close your eyes and while they are closed roll them up to focus and penetrate at the space between the eyebrows -The Third Eye Point.

Mantra – Powerfully chant out loud ‘SAT’ from the navel point and solar plexus, pulling the umbilicus/navel all the way up in toward the spine. Then chant out loud ‘NAM’ as you release the navel point and belly. Continue this rhythmic pattern of chanting out loud as you squeeze in and up on ‘SAT’ and release as you chant out loud ‘NAM’. Maintain a steady, rhythmic and moderate pace.

SAT translates as Existence; what is; the subtle essence of Infinity itself; Truth and NAM as Identity or Name. Sat Nam is the ‘bij’ or seed mantra. It is small & potent.

Continue for 3 minutes daily for first week. After practicing for one week, increase to 7 min and then slowly build up till you can maintain the exercise for 11 min. If you’re especially ambitious, you can build up slowly to 31 min (taking you into self-mastery).

To End – Inhale deeply, and suspend the breath as you keep focused at the Third Eye Point; squeeze all the muscles from the buttocks along the spine. Drawing in and up the rectum, sex organs and navel point, pull your entire musculature upward, draw all the energy up your spine to the top of your head to flow through the top of the skull. Hold this for 10 seconds. Keep stretching upward, exhale. Inhale again deeply and exhale completely, lock the breath out as you apply a firm Maha Bandh, squeezing and contracting the lower pelvic floor muscles, lifting in and up the entire diaphragm, locking the chin in and squeezing your entire body upward. Hold the breath out for 10 to 20 seconds. Inhale and relax.

After practicing this exercise, lie down on your back and allow the energy to flow throughout your entire body. Rest for at least the equal amount of time that you practiced the exercise. This relaxation is vital for self-healing and to gain the benefits of this powerful exercise.


* Throughout the exercise apply a good strong Jalandhara Bhand (Neck Lock)
* Keep the spine long and stretched upward throughout the exercise. There is no flexing of the spine so be sure to not to move the chest, shoulders, or arms up and down.
* If your arms get very tired bring them down so that the mudra is at the front of the Heart Chakra (sternum) and as soon as they recover take them back up with arms fully extended up over the top of the head.
* Allow the breath to regulate itself.
* Keep Up and if the mind wanders, gets fidgety or restless, really focus on your chanting and the actual experience of the Kriya.