Being authentic can be difficult in a world where blending in is sometimes the easiest path to take. Being your true self takes courage. You have to be willing to stand up for your beliefs, show the world your quirks and hidden talents, and make your voice heard. It often takes time to find the strength and confidence to live authentically.

Here are twenty traits that authentic people have mastered!

1. They think, then speak

Authentic people have emotions just like everyone else, but they don’t let a sudden surge of anger control them. They’ve learned to assess each situation before speaking.

2. They stand up for what’s right

Those who live authentically choose to stand up for what’s right, not what’s popular. Even if they are the only one who feels a certain way, they’ll let it be known.

3. They enjoy deep conversations

Authentic people aren’t interested in the newest fad or most popular movie. They long for deep and meaningful conversations that allow them to explore someone else’s heart and mind.

4. They avoid drama

Authentic people don’t stand for gossip. It doesn’t interest them. They keep their distance from those who always seem to be associated with drama.

5. They like spending time alone

Those who live authentically are perfectly comfortable spending time alone because they accept themselves for who they are. Alone time is peaceful for them, not lonely.

6. They value life

Authentic people view life as a grand experience. They value each day and they understand that materialistic things aren’t what really matter.

7. They are outgoing

Living authentically allows one to be open, honest and unafraid of not being accepted. Authentic people are often extremely friendly social butterflies.

8. They want others to succeed

Seeing others do well makes an authentic person happy, not jealous of their success. They truly want to see others succeed.

9. They trust their instincts

Authentic people know themselves well enough to trust their gut. They know that their instincts are usually right and worth listening to.

10. They follow their heart

Authentic people are led by their hearts. No matter how far something takes them or how crazy it seems, they trust that their heart will lead them in the right direction.

happy woman

11. They stand out

Forget the latest fashion trends or the popular bands. An authentic person enjoys individuality, and often stands out from the crowd in more ways than one.

12. They practice self-love

In order to live authentically you must love yourself first. Authentic people practice love and acceptance for themselves as well as others.

13. They have their own way of doing things

Authentic people don’t pay attention to how things are supposed to be done. They enjoy figuring things out on their own, and learning and living uniquely.

14. They don’t judge

Authentic people are accepting and often see what’s beneath the surface. They listen to the emotion behind words and don’t take things at face value.

15. They don’t take things personally

When someone is rude or critical, an authentic person knows not to take it personally. It usually has something more to do with the other person.

16. They are decisive

People who are authentic usually know what they want. They aren’t afraid to voice their opinion and make decisions.

17. They are never fake

An authentic person is real and honest, and sees no reason to be anything other than genuine.

18. They make their own path

Authentic people often take the road less traveled. They prefer to do things their own way and forge their own paths.

19. They see things differently

An authentic person tends to look at things a bit differently than others, with an open perspective.

20. They are always grateful

An authentic person knows not to take anything for granted. Authentic people see value in the world around them and they are thankful for each day.

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