At first glance, a brown patch in your grass might just seem like an area where your grass has died. From far away, it might look like some brush or sticks. But wildlife experts are urging the public to take the time to look a little bit closer.

If you happen to see a brown patch of grass in your yard, it might be something else entirely – a family of baby rabbits.

Watch Out For Baby Rabbits In Your Yard

As cute as they might be, be careful not to touch them! Make sure you tell your children to stay away from them as well. Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. advises the public to leave the bunnies right where they are. They might look lost or alone but the momma is sure to be close by.

Pay special attention when playing in the yard with pets and children to make sure you don’t disturb the little critters. Before you cut your grass, check for bunnies in your yard.

Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. says, “The mother rabbit will only come back once, maybe twice a day. Please just let them be.”

If you let the baby rabbits have their space, they’ll be hopping away on their own in just few short weeks, ready to take on the world.

Watch the video below for more information about what to do if you see a rabbits nest on your front lawn:

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