Many people are overthinkers, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Overthinking is linked to creativity and problem-solving. However, those who overthink too much or too often may find themselves in a never-ending cycle of what ifs and should haves.

People who overthink every little situation constantly wonder what they could have done better, and those who allow negative thoughts to control their thinking are prone to increased stress and anxiety. No one wants that, so it is important to slow down the brain every so often and relax.

Here are 4 ways to quiet the mind and stop overthinking!

#1 Focus on the Positive!


One excellent way to stop negativity-based overthinking is to focus on the positive that is happening in your life or at a specific moment. This will help change the focus of your thinking and kick you out of the cycle you are stuck in.

Some easy ways to focus on the positive include keeping a gratitude journal, keeping an achievement log, and saying “thank you” more often.

#2 Recite Peaceful Mantras to Yourself

This may seem silly, but speaking kind words or mantras to yourself will work to reduce the amount of negative thoughts circling in your mind.

If you start to feel anxious about all you have to do during the day, or what someone said that made you upset, it is important to mentally say calming words or phrases to yourself. Some good words include “peace” and “calm.” One specific phrase I like to say to myself is “you are powerful.” It is good to think calming words and phrases regularly, and say words aloud (when you’re alone, of course) that remind you of a relaxing place like the mountains or the beach.

#3 Meditate

Many overthinkers believe that meditation is impossible, and I used to be one of them. It’s doable with practice.

Meditation literally changes the structure of the mind. Thus, with daily meditation, overthinking will gradually become less of a problem.

To start, it is important to practice meditation while you are not in a overthinking episode. Meditating for the first time while in the middle of overthinking will only frustrate you. Instead, set aside some alone time and focus on your stream of internal dialogue. When negative thoughts emerge, banish them. Don’t linger on them. Focus on positive thoughts.


#4 Be in Nature

Being in nature helps people to ground and focus. Thus, it is important to spend some time outside every day. This will help to improve your mental state and increase feelings of harmony and peace.

The outdoors are perfect for quieting the mind. Spend your lunch in a local park, or go on a weekend hiking trip. If you are especially stressed out, take a camping vacation. It will help quiet the mind.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about overthinking and how to stop it!

[h/t: Power of Positivity]