One of the most amazing performances ever happened on America’s Got Talent last night. You are going to want to see this if you haven’t.

Mandy Harvey (29) is a singer and she is deaf. Yes, deaf. She lost her hearing when she was 18 due to a connective tissue disorder.

Before she lost her hearing, she was a singer and had been singing since she was four. However, when she lost her singing, she quit thinking she could never sing ever again.

Her decision didn’t make her happy, so she decided to try and sing again.

She feels the rhythm with her feet and sings the right notes with muscle memory.

She performed her original song “Try.” The result? Absolutely amazing!

Listen below!

Simon Cowell loved her so much she got the Golden Buzzer and is heading straight to the live show.

Simon Cowell isn’t the only one who thinks she is amazing!

Mandy even has something to say to all her new adoring fans.

Talk about an amazing person!